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ok thanks- i just wanted to make sure that there wasnt some easier way to do it that i wasnt aware of. thanks!
Nicole, I'm not sure if you're doing a photobook or just ordering prints from Mpix, but I did a book of our vacation this summer, just to try it out and check out the quality.

The book is nice, I like the quality, but I chose pearl paper and I didn't really like it. Its the one that is sort of metallic, it kind of gives the pictures a funny look. I wanted to try it and dont' get me wrong the book still looks nice, it came out really good, but I didn't really like the pearl paper, I would choose the linen or the other option if there was one for our wedding pictures. Just wanted to throw that out there for you.

Oh, and one other tip for anyone making a book. I had a picture of our daughter sitting in the sand, with her back to me, and she's sitting right on the shoreline, anyway, I wanted to do the 2 page spread with that picture, because it came out really good, well if you do that you may want to move the picture a little off center if you can, it came out good, but she's really close to the crease of the book and it might have looked a little better if she was over a little to one side, just a tip.

overall, I really liked my book from them. I will probably do my album with my photographers pics on mpix and then do an album through kodak with the pics from my camera, my friends & my family.

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