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Misha Earle-photographer extrordinaire!!

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Let her rock your world...


ok that is horrible cheezy, but i just couldn't be happier with my photographer choice. I did a lot of lurking on people's reviews and portfolios of various photographers in Jamaica, and I stand by my decision today.

Yes, there are photographers who are less expensive... Yes, there are photographers who give you no time limits... but more importantly, YES this is one of the most important days of your lives.


My time with Misha, and this includes the emails leading up to the wedding was amazing. I really do feel that we got to know each other as people, and that made the time in front of the camera that much more comfortable. On the day of the wedding, in the hotel room, she was more like a good friend, who happens to have a great camera and silent lighting guy, than just another vendor. And that is exactly what i needed....


i have included one picture, and its huge due to the fact that i dont know how to resize, so please be patient.

Check her out. www.mishaearlephotography.com 


For those of you who havent made decisions yet about photographers, I think she still has dates for Sept, Oct...so do yourself a favor and just ask!


i wish everyone here great luck on their wedding days.



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