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What kind of veil should I wear with this dress?

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You definitally could wear a cathedral veil, no matter your height and the dress is formal enough for it. But, what is the back detailing like? If you get a gathered viel it can hide some of the details behind too much tule. If the back has lace or pretty buttons you'd like your guests to see opt for a mantilla type viel that lays flat on the comb. And don't overpay. Tule cost $3/m if not less, you can make your own and then trim it with lace or beads or shiny things.

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Oh how I wish the luggage fees were the first thing I thought of... I bought bubba mugs for everyone and I'm pretty sure those alone take up all the weight in my bag lol....As for the TTD the dress we are defentily doing it just not to sure if I'm going to use my dress or not as it has feathers on it and well sand water and feathers probably is not the best option.  Pretty sure I'm gonna take my veil in the ocean though I figure why not it was cheap enough!!

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I am doing OTT bags but luggage charges were the first thing that came to my mind.  I have seen several brides here on BDW with great ideas but the stuff that they put weights too much.  I don't know how they do it, that's a lot of luggage fees.  I haven't purchased the bags yet but I am looking.  If you come across good and cheap bags let me know!  As for the contents of the bags I have decided to do crossword puzzles, soduko, travel meds, sanitation wipes instead of hand sanitizer.    I really want to get tequila glasses, or small salsa bottles but I'm thinking of buying that when I get to Mexico.  I think that when I get to Mexico, I will be able to shop around and buy local things.  It will give my bags that "special touch."   


As for the TTD, yes we decided on having one.  We just decided about a week ago so I am very excited about that.  I am going to be using my dress since I don't see a point in buying another dress for that session.  I read on one of these threads that some girl just took her dress to the cleaners and it was fine.  Honestly, I am very excited about that.  What about you?



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