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They look amazing! Now can you give me some advice on how to make them?! I have been looking everywhere and trying to find videos but I am having no luck!! Thanks! :)

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My latest addition and my favourite version by far... 



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Nice work! I love the new version.  i got busy making 4 pairs of these as well for my bridesmaids and me on the weekend.  I will post a pic when I am at home. 


In terms of how to make them, there are a couple of techniques you could use.  I used stretchy clear jewellery cord that I got at dollarama, beads and stones purchased from a local bead store.  I measured the size of the stretchy cord by actually wrapping it around my toe and foot, plus an extra few inches for tying it off.  you could also use a non stretchy cording but then you would have to include a clasp in the back and that was too complicated for me!


I started with the toe loop, added about 30-33 seed beads and then tied a knot, then I threaded the beads in the pattern I wanted to go over the top of my foot (measuring it on my actual foot as I went along).  For the part around the ankle, I marked where to connect the ankle loop to the foot straight part with a knot and then used enough beads to go around my ankle.  Then tied another knot to create a loop and cut off the extra cord!


Then I adjusted a few beads up or down depending on my brides maids shoe sizes, and keep in mind that with stretchy cord you have a little more flexibility!  There is also a vendor on here that makes them customized for you, if you are not crafty!  search for Chelsea Red-i.  I really wanted to give my girls something made by me that they could enjoy on their future beach vacations!



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