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Found a bead set at my local pound shop today including 10 small pots of beads and some beading wire, so I decided to try my luck at making some of these. I'm really pleased with how they turned out!! 





The turtles I bought at random off ebay (can't remember the seller but can find out if anyone wants it) because I was sure they'd come in for something. I'm glad I did now. May try and make a bracelet or something with the last one. 

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Thanks ladies, they are really simple, just time consuming and fiddly. Just made a new and improved pair for my mum (in her fave colour) as I'm going to do them as my ladies 'favours', for my wedding party at the very least. Definitely think I'm gonna re-do my first pair using the turtles again but in the style of my new ones. 


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