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How to Prepare a Wedding?

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    Posted 09 August 2011 - 01:34 AM

    Preparing for a wedding is frazzling, sometimes even exhausting, if you don’t have a sober and reasonable plan. Instead of just being beautiful, there are more things for the brides-to-be to keep in mind.

    1. Picking out the wedding date.


    You should never be absent-minded while doing the picking, nor should you just leave this matter to your fianc© or to other people. The wedding date should better be of some significant meaning to the both of you, such as the first day you met. So definitely you should take part in the decision-making. After all, you do want to remember the date so that you could be prepared for each wedding anniversary, don’t you?


    2. Setting up your budget.


    This is of essence, if you don’t want to be out of pocket or even bankrupted. Every bride-to-be wants her wedding to be the most perfect and elegant wedding, but this doesn’t mean to spend up your life savings. Setting up a budget is very helpful and is what people are doing these days. You need to estimate the money you’d like to pay for the wedding lot, transportation, band, bouquet, dresses, food and drinks, etc. Always keep in mind that a romantic and perfect wedding doesn’t have to mean an expensive one.


    3. Acting out your budget plan.


    a. Choosing the wedding lot. If you have a place which you prefer, you could just contact the landowner about renting the placing. If you don’t have any preferable place, or have no idea about choosing a wedding lot, please turn on your computer and search for it. The wedding lot should go with your wedding dress, your religion (if needed), and of course, your wedding budget. Don’t forget to get it decorated, so that you could have a nice wedding atmosphere.


    b.Ordering the food and drinks. If you are getting marriage in a hotel, the food and drinks could mean a good deal of money. Go talk to the manager to see whether there’s any discount or whether it’s ok for you to but drinks somewhere else. The food should be delicious but doesn’t have to be luxurious.


    c.Getting your band. It would be wonderful if you have some relatives or friends who play well or can play. Most likely, they are also very glad to perform for you on your big day. But if don’t have such friends, you could find some music academic students. They also play well, and won’t charge you much as the professional band does. But if the budget allows, you could definitely get a professional band and enjoy the music banquet on your big day.


    d. Purchasing dresses. The dresses include your wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the mother of the bride dress, and the flower girl dresses. You could try and buy these dresses at a local store as well as purchasing them online, since online shopping is getting popular and people trend to buying dresses online now. Online shopping would be great and save you a lot, but please be aware that you’d better order the dresses 2 or 3 months in advance, so that you could have enough for alterations, if needed. Lightinthebox.com, milanoo.com and sino-treasure.com are all good online wedding dress shop for you.


    e. Preparing your bouquet. The color of your bouquet should match with the color of your wedding dress. For example, if you are wearing an Ivory or a white dress, then there’re almost no limits on the color of your bouquet. If you are wearing a blue wedding dress, then you could get an orange bouquet to light up the color and you’ll be a spotlight of the wedding. If you are not good with the color, just get someone else, better a professional, to choose the bouquet for you.


    4. Writing your wedding vow. Nowadays, people like to write wedding vows themselves, in order to make it personalized. Still, it’s helpful to search online for some beautiful wedding vow samples. You could blend it with your own vow, so that you could get it both beautiful and personalized.


    These are the main things you need to do to prepare for your wedding. Plan it well, prepare it well, and then you could have a wedding of your dream.

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