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So this is the start of the centerpiece that I had in my head.  There is going to be a table number luminary with velum (almost like a candle) on a cute candle stick holder next to it, but I'm not 100% satisfied with it.  What does it need?!?  Maybe just some scattered rose petals?  I was thinking of doing a table runner going across the other way...





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so pretty and simple!!! nice job

Originally Posted by kellykanester View Post

This is a mock centerpiece I made, we have bigger strings of orchids and we will be using bigger vases. There are gelly beads on the bottom with a submersible led light.






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Love these! So simple and very earthy!!! 

Originally Posted by RollerBride View Post

I am using this picture as my inspiration for my simple centerpieces:




This looks great! I used the $2 vases as well and they worked great! We packed them in 2 small rolling carry on suitcases and then for the $2 they cost we just left them behind when we came home (couldn't be bothered) It is definitely the way to go!

Originally Posted by sgreen99 View Post

Alright ladies, need your feedback!  Frugal lady that I am, I'm trying to "Dollar store" my centerpieces as best I can.  These vases are $2 right now so trying to make them work.  What do you think...?  My plan is to alternate every other table for the pink/white color. No idea about the rest of the linens yet, but I believe they are white.

The cost on these will run me like $10 a table so if I can get away with it I'm certainly going to try!!




And with the Pink:


Centerpieces Pink.jpg



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