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Post your centerpieces here

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Love it! I am doing blue and purple as well. It will be slightly different because I am using navy, but I feel like I hardly see any blue/purple color schemes. 

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111011 (236).jpg



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The glow to your centerpiece is beautiful! What an amazing idea! Don't have to worry about the wind blowing those out

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This is what my table setting and centerpieces turned out to be.





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Those are beautiful- and such a great idea!! How did you end up transporting the vases to your destination? I am thinking about doing something similar but worried they will take up a lot of space and weight! Thanks for the inspiration!

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Well, FI just got home and he likes the ribbon. Our colors are shades of lime - from light (meat of the lime) to dark (like the peal). A green placemat was too much, so we went with the light blue (kinda like the water).

Click the image to open in full size.

I kinda like the ribbon now too. What does everything else think?


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I'm sure this has already been addressed but I wasn't able to find it yet...

I attended a wedding in Playa del Carmen last year. Her centerpieces were tall and beautiful. Unfortunately, it was super windy and the tall vases had to be set on their sides. I want to incorporate vases so my questions are:

1. Has anyone used plastic vases? (less weight to take down to Mexico)

2. If you did, did you have any problems with them knocking over bc of the wind? Im thinking maybe Ill put sand, water, flowers and a candle in them to keep them heavier, but they have to be a bit taller in order for the candle not to blow out!



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