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Mexico Civil Ceremony and filing in the US / California

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Hi everyone.  I was hoping you could help me!  I have contacted numerous people and I have searched through all of the forums and I cannot find my answer!


I intend on having a civil ceremony in Mexico and am curious if anyone has filed their Mexican Marriage Certificate with the US Department of State?  In California, you cannot just file with the state or county, as the state does not recognize foreign marriage certificates. 


I have found the Authentications Division of the the Department of the State, but it doesn't give any instructions on "HOW" to send your marriage certificate in or how it becomes authenticated.  I don't know if they need the original or translated and I don't know if they send me an "authenticated" copy back or if it just goes on file somewhere.


If anyone has done this, I would greatly appreciate instruction or feedback!


Please do not try to tell me it's just better to get married in the US, since this is a decision I am not budging on.


Thank you and best wishes!

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