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Hi ladies!


I have finished my boarding pass invitations and they are out in the mail, woohoo!!!


I got  a lot of help from this forum so I thought I'd give back! Plus, it's nice to see some Canadian stores too :) Here's a rundown of how I made mine.


- Purple metallic paper from De Serres - $2.95/5 pack
- Purple and orange ribbon from Michaels - $0.59/roll - I used close to 10 rolls (5 of each colour)
- #10 envelopes from Staples - approx $9/pack of 50
- Paper cutter with scoring blade from Walmart - $20
- Corner cutter from Michaels - approx. $15
- Flower/Flamingo/Palm Tree brads (duotang like clips) from Michaels - $4.95/pack - I bought 3 packs
- Exacto knife (had this already but needed more blades from Michaels)
- Double sided tape roll from Michaels - $10
- Nail scissors - had these


Other costs
- Printed my boarding pass invites at Staples on their 100lb white paper - $74 for 80


Overall Cost: $210
Overall Time: approx. 10 hrs


So, I made the purple envelopes very easily, not sure how much time they took because I did it while watching tv. I printed them myself at home, then cut a piece of the paper off the bottom, scored it, cut the diagnonal, folded it and taped it. Very easy!


The boarding passes were cut apart with an exacto knife by my sister who is very good with these sorts of things. (I did not perforate, I just printed the dashed line). I then cut the corners with a corner cutter (very vital!!), cut the little part between the left and right side with small nail scissors (hardest part!), then poked the brads through (first I used a push pin to make a hole, then fed the brad through). My friend then placed the boarding passes in the purple envelope, tied ribbon around it and stuffed it into the outside envelopes. With the three of us, plus my own work doing the envelopes, the whole project took about 10 hours over a few days. Definitely possible to do it in one weekend.


They are not PERFECT, but I am very happy with them and even though I spent $200, I would totally do it again! Some people will probably not appreciate them (MIL is very traditional and when she saw them she said 'Oh... they're... different'... LOL oh well!) but I think they're such a cute idea.


Thanks to everyone that helped! Feel free to ask any questions!




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these are very cute. I am also a Canadian Bride and I am working on templates for my invites. Would you be willing to share your template?

Could you email me at albertane98@hotmail.com, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the vote of confidence in letting me know it is do-able over a short time.


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These look fabulous! Your guests are going to love them!

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