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Thanks for Booking Cards with Pictures

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Hi ladies,


My fiance and I finished our "thank you" cards last night. It was so nice to make them together and he was so much help. The whole process was just amazing as we made them together. So, I thought I'd share some pictures with you. I searched this site a lot while getting some ideas of how to make them, so in case you need more ideas on how to make yours here are some pics:





I got the supplies from Michaels and walmart and everytime I went to Michaels I took a printable coupon with me. Highly recommend googling some coupons for Michaels before you go :).


The magnets I ordered from Vistaprint and they were free, I just paid for shipping.


For the embossed corners of the magnets we used the sizzix embossing machine. We are both in love with it as you can buy various embossing folders for it and make your own cards. I don't think I am buying any cards anymore, we'll be just making our own from now on :). The sizzix I got from amazon.com for $35.00 I think + shipping. I also saw one at Michaels for $48.00. I've used it for will you be my bridesmaid cards and they turn out pretty good as well.


Hope this will give you ideas for your cards!


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Thank you, ladies! They were fun to make and I can't wait for our guests to receive them.



Brendee, feel free to copy them. I am sure you'll have fun making them!

Originally Posted by brendee2005 View Post

I love the idea! I.might just copy it. Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks hun, you are too sweet!

Originally Posted by canadiangirl View Post

if i were going to do this, i would totally copy your idea...i luv them


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