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Las Caletas - Stairs Concern?

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Howdy everyone!


I am a newbie to the site and I must say, I LOVE all of the information that has been shared about everything PV and LC! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contribute, you have no idea how tremendously helpful you have been!!


My mom and I went on vacation in PV a while back and actually went to LC, and I'm wondering if anyone else has a concern about all the stairs? It seemed to have a lot and I'm just concerned about our elderly guests, as there are no ramps and no easy way to get around the stairs. (I've posted a picture of all the stairs I think they'll have to walk down to get from the boat to the ceremony, it just looks a little intense both in the picture and in person.) Kelley has been wonderful as far as reassurance goes and has mentioned that it has been a concern in the past with some of her brides, but that they have been lucky to not have many accidents or issues. However, I'm just a worrier and I just have this vision of my grandmother falling down the stairs down to the beach and breaking a hip... worst case scenario, right?!?!




Any advice is appreciated! We already can't wait and I really, REALLY want the LC site to work out!



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