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Newly engaged!

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Hello everyone!  


We got engaged about 3 weeks ago - which I guess is not really "newly" engaged.  Everyone keeps saying to "enjoy being engaged" but we'd like to have a spring 2012 DW so I feel like I gotta get a move on!

Right now, we are trying to decide between Riviera Maya (Mexico) and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).  We want as many of our friends and family to be able to come so we wanted somewhere that was easily accessible from the US (everyone's from all over) and have it at an AI resort.  We are planning a site visit trip with our moms at the beginning of September and hoping to nail down a date and place then, and send out STDs.  


How did people choose their destination, resort?  What sort of issues did you consider?


I've heard that the final guest list is even less than you expect.  How much have people's guest lists shrunk from an initial go around?


When do you get a final head count?  Do you just wait until people RSVP from the invites? 


Does our timeline sound reasonable?  Are we being too ambitious with a spring 2012 wedding?


Sorry about all the questions - I have no idea if I'm on the right track so far.


Thanks for all the help - looking forward to being a member of this site!



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Congrats Sunny!


I gave myself a year exactly to plan and and enjoyed 6 months of our engagement. We got engaged in november and started planning my DW in may for May 2012.

I suggest just give your gst time to save and be able to make your wedding Im sending my STD in 2 wks thats 9months in advance and my invitations by january thats 5  months in advance. Choosing a the destination will be the hardest part just remember to list you pros and cons with each location.


We are inviting 55 ppl but are expecting 30 to show. Which is undersatndable not everyone can go.


This forum is very helpful. Its been a lifesaver. Just ask and someone will help.



Happy Planning :)



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Welcome and Congrats!


So far planning a DW has been the best decision we have made! Choosing your location will the the hardest part. Once that part is done it is all down to the little decisions. Make sure you check out Del Sol's Wiki to help you with your decision! There are LOADS of slide shows of weddings at many different resorts all over the Riviera Maya. It will give you a good look at the resorts and what weddings look like there. I could spend HOURS looking through all the beautiful pictures! 



I chose based on a few things: cost (for us), accessibility ($ and time for people to get there), and the wedding packages/perks the resort had to offer. 


We look at EVERY possibility for a location, and Mexico ended up being the most affordable for us. Once we decided on where it was trying to choose a resort. That is where this website came in handy! No only did looking through the pictures help, reading reviews on here helped too! We ended up going with Moon Palace because of 1) they have a Catholic Chapel and 2) the group booking perks (ie book so many guests and you get free events and nights free)!


The only issue we really had to consider was the safety in Mexico. I am not worried about it at all, but I know there are worriers in the family, so I had to be prepared to either have info ready to show them it was OK, or realize some people wouldn't come. So far, it sounds like most people are coming! 


We wanted to keep it fairly small, so we invited only family and close friends. At this point its hard to say how many will go. We have a lot of "maybes". But yes, I think it could shrink considerably. We sent out our STDs 1 yr in advance to give people plenty of time to figure it out. We will be requesting people send their final RSVP (that will be given in our invites) by EARLY Dec at the latest. Those that don't we will have to call. All the rooms get released 60 prior to the wedding, so we will need to know before then. If people want to book last minute they can, but it won't be guaranteed they will be with the rest of us or get the group rate....but that will not be something I worry about...it will have been their choice!


Spring 2012 doesn't sound too terrible! It honestly is up to you and how much time you think you want to give yourself and your guests to prepare. I knew I needed a year to get all the things I wanted done without too much stress, and I wanted people to be able to have plenty of time to save. Put the feelers out and see what kind of feedback you get from people. I think you could do it, but how much of a time crunch you can handle is up to you. Some people work better under pressure! 


Good luck and happy planning! You will find LOTS of info on here to help you! :)

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Welcome and Congrats!!!


I got engaged in June and started planning immediately for a June 2012 wedding. We chose Moon Palace for the costs and the perks that come with having a wedding there plus the promotion they are offering all people traveling there. It was just too good of a deal plus it will actually lower the expense for our guest and for our wedding. They are offering resort credits that vary based on the number of days you will be staying and they can be used for the spa, golf, wedding packages or excursions.


My advice would be to decide on a location and get pricing as soon as you can. This will allow your guest time to plan. Once you get a confirmation on your date get the STDs out, again to help your guest start planning.


This website offers a lot of information and guidance. Plus the ladies on here are very willing to share information and advice.

Happy planning!!!

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Congratulations and welcome to the forum, everyone has already provided you with some GREAT advice.


I don't think a spring wedding is too ambitious but you know your guests better than anyone.  We told everyone almost as soon as we got engaged so that they could keep the idea in the back of their heads.  I think the sooner you give your guests your date and a pricing idea the better as it allows them to save, book holidays and prepare.  That being said you have to tackle the MOST difficult part of the planning... choosing your destination and resort.  Once that is out of the way get your save the dates (or invites we by passed save the dates and just did invites) out ASAP so that people can prepare.  Also the sooner you get them out the sooner you'll get your answers and a better idea of how many people you can expect!


Keep us posted on your decision!!!!!!

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