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Why Puerto Vallarta?

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Hi there!


I've recently decided to scrap the idea of having my wedding in Jamaica and have it in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico instead. I'd like to know from PV brides out there :


"Why did you choose PV?"


Here are my reasons


1- The town provides plenty of entertainment for all guests. Whether it's the beach, shops, the jungle, there are attractions for everyone.


2- The villa I fell in love with for my reception is in PV.


3- It seems to have a good selection of vendors including caterer, designers, photographers, hair & makeup, etc.


4- It seems to be more affordable than the bigger resort cities.


5- Unlike some places, it faces the west coast, so you're able to get amazing sunsets for pics. :) 


(Mods: sorry if this is not the appropriate section, feel free to move if needed.)

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Our PV wedding is in January, however having traveled there 6 times I would agree with the reasons you have listed. It has areas that are modern, however still has that old Mexico charm and culture which I love. The city is absolutely beautiful.

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Hello Dear @@FabiLara I hope everythhing going good :) 


Thank you for chose PV for as your destination wedding and Thank you  for chose Mexico!! 


I would like to show you  the perfect place to capture the best sunsets in a magical place, a place as a dream come true!! 


Las Caletas Jalisco Mexico ! 



Start your new life together in a private tropical setting recognized as one of the most beautiful private beaches in the world.

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