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Park AHR ideas - HELP!!

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We have our AHR coming up on August 13th. It is at a local park with a covered shelter and we're having it VERY casual. We have a family member catering our event with heavy appetizers and we're supplying beverages. I want to show our wedding video and the only way I can think of doing it is on a computer and just having it run continuously so everyone can see it throughout the day. Our guests will be arriving throughout the day, so there isn't a sit-down lunch/dinner. How else can we do the video? 


Also, we will have some games to provide some entertainment (bean bag toss, etc) and we'll also do our first dance for everyone when a majority of people are there.  Any ideas on how we can decorate the park but not have it too formal? I have lanterns and centerpieces...anything else? I want it to be a fun event but yet keep it very casual - like a day at the park with family and friends...thoughts??

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