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The new Paradisus Playa del Carmen (La Perla and La Esmeralda)

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Hola Paradisus Ladies,


We are super stoked to share with you a few images of our most recent Paradisus Esmeralda Love Story!!


This location is a short 5 minutes from the heart of Playa del Carmen and it's the newest addition to the areas gorgeous and modern hotels. The Romance by Paradisus Team did an incredible job setting the mood and coordinating all the details.


These are just a few of our favorites:










Check out Inna and Daniel's Sneak Peeks here!!! More amazing pictures coming soon.....


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Hi there everyone!  Wanted to reach out an introduce myself - I'm Inna, the bride in the pictures that Matt Adcock of Del Sol Photography just posted in the thread above! :)


My husband and I just got married at the gorgeous new Paradisus resort in Playa del Carmen on Saturday, March 31st.  (For reference, all of our guests were guests of La Esmeralda - but all of our wedding festivities took place on the La Perla side -- with the exception of the Rehearsal Dinner (held at Vento) and our 'Welcome Party' (held at the Sunrise Grill).




Anyway, before I jump in to telling you about our recent experience, I have to take this opportunity to say that you MUST, MUST take a look at Del Sol Photography if you're planning a Riviera Maya / Cancun wedding -- regardless of the venue you choose!  Having done extensive homework and research on photographer options in the area, I quickly realized that Del Sol Photography would be our only choice!  While their images spoke for themselves and I heard (and read) about their outstanding reputation - I finally (and now) know why, AND have personal experience to share!  This team of photographers, led by husband and wife photography extraordinaires Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo are really the best in this business!  Having worked in the entertainment/media industry for more than 15 years, I have been fortunate to be in the company of numerous photographers - and yet, Del Sol Photography is really in a class of their own!  (Happy to share more here.... )









That said, getting back to the subject of the new Paradisus - ours was the 1st official wedding at the new property.  And, I have to tell you: they made us feel like royalty!  Frankly, I have no doubt that the same level of service will be extended to all of their brides and grooms!!!  While there were a number of options to choose from for our wedding, we went with the 'Tailor Made' package.


With that in mind, there really are SO many things I can share with you as you're planning your visits, scheduling site inspections and making final decisions on venues, I can tell you this for now:





*I LOVED the fact that Paradisus doesn't feel like a wedding factory – unlike so many of the other resorts I visited!  (I saw 8 properties before making a decision to have our wedding here!)




*They have wedding packages that are fully customizable - this was a huge selling point for us because we wanted a really personalized experience for ourselves and our guests!


*They offered areas where we could really enjoy a private function - and not feel like we were celebrating our wedding festivities with the rest of the hotel guests!


*Their pre-wedding planning services were complimentary and kicked off the minute we confirmed our wedding date - unlike other resorts I considered.


Naturally, i'm happy to share more information - and answer any questions you may all have.  Feel free to inquire...


Until then.... Happy Planning!





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Hi There,


First and foremost, Congratulations on your wedding! You looked beautiful! My Fiance and I are having our wedding at La Esmeralda this June 2012. I am nervous because I have not visited the site, but we've fallen in love with it thru pictures. Our original choice was to have the reception at the Palapa, but I recently saw pictures of the gazebo all dresses up for a reception.


I curious to ask, what you thought of the Palapa (poolside) and the Gazebo. We're having a small party of about 25 guest, do you think we're better off with the Palapa or if the Gazebo would also be a nice alternative?


Also, any tips or ideas you have would be much appreciated!


Thanks Again,



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Congrats to the Brides of Paradisus! I am highly considering booking at this resort so it's great to hear the feedback.


Inna - did you have a DJ after your sit down dinner or was it just dinner? I'm trying to decide if we should do a seated dinner or reserve a restaurant depending on how many people we will have. I guess I worry about the flow of ceremony to cocktail hour to reception/dinner. We will likely end up with a small amount of people so I doubt a full blown reception is necessary although I'd love to continue the festivities but it would be silly to get a DJ for 15 people.


Thanks for the feedback!



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Connie - Thank you so much!  I can understand you being nervous!  I can tel you this:  You have nothing to be nervous about.  I visited the property (during building before it even opened), and even then knew it was going to look amazing.  So you can only imagine my satisfaction when I arrived in late March when I saw the property completed.  That said, we had our wedding ceremony in the Gazebo, our 'Cocktail Hour' poolside at La Perla, and then our 'Reception' in the Palapa poolside (also at La Perla).













The pictures that you see (via the link I posted above, show both the Gazebo and Palapa for your reference).  I also know that my Wedding Coordinators took pictures of the set up before the guests arrived and so I'm sure I can get access to those pictures and post them here for you to see.  Just let me know if that would be helpful and i'm glad to do it!  We also had a relatively small party (about 40) and I felt that the Palapa was perfect for this.  Particularly because we set up the tables that they were close enough for everyone to be near each other, but left enough space to have a dance area.  I hope that answers your questions.  Glad to share more!



Jules - Glad to hear you're considering the resort.  As I mentioned above, I had visited many resorts before deciding to book the Paradisus - and I have not one regret!!!  This resort is outstanding.  Oh, and I may have forgot to mention the food!!!!  My husband and I - as are our guests, big 'foodies'... so food was as important for us as other elements of the place.  I must say (and everyone who was with us would agree) - this place did not disappoint.  It had, by far, some of the best food (if not THE best) i've ever eaten at a resort!


As far as a DJ goes - we had a DJ and he was involved in every aspect of our wedding festivities.  We had him play during our ceremony (precessional/recessional), during our 'Cocktail Hour' and during our 'Reception'.  Much like you would use a DJ at a traditional wedding, that's precisely how we used him here.  For us, a restaurant wasn't an option because we really wanted privacy and to have our events take place outside.  


As far as the flow goes... that all depends on how you decide to involve a DJ, if at all.  I suppose with a small amount of people, i'm sure the resort can somewhat privatize an area of a restaurant for you, but then i'm not sure a DJ would make sense for you.  They do have a lounge and club area (in addition to ba areas where music play), so perhaps you can consider doing a wedding dinner at the restaurant and then head over to an area where the music is...that could always be a consideration.  My recommendation would be to call the resort and speak with Romance Manager Ana Helena - i'm sure she'd be happy to provide some insight based on your party size.  Hope i've answered your questions/concerns.  Let me know if you need anything else!!!


Happy Planning,


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We are just finishing up the edit on the first event from Paradisus....  Overall, the hotel is in a super amazing location (2 minute cab ride to 5th ave) and has very amazing contemporary finishings and furnishings.   WOW ZA ZA ZING style.... anyway, I wanted to post the slideshow so you can check out how the hotel photograph through the eyes of Del Sol Photography.

We hope that you enjoy.

For those of you who want to follow the album on Facebook, Here ya go.

WAY more images in the slideshow here.


A few of my favorites... Remember that WOW ZA ZA Zing.... 


















Any comments welcome. 

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BEAUTIFUL!!!! Both weddingg look amazing

Inna, thank you so much for all of the feedback.  I have reached out to Del Sol to try to book them for our wedding planned for September 2012.  Can I ask if you had any difficulty dealing with Pedro the group sales manager?  He has been a bit of a nightmare for us, but Cemone our romance specialist has been an absolute delight. 

Your locations are exactly what we are planning as well; did you use the Gabi Club for your cocktail hour? 

Thanks for any additional information and Congradtlations!


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