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BRIDES& BM'S BOUQUETS: Does the color and flower type need to match???

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Funny, cause the first dress is my favorite but I am having a hard time finding it around here...and the girls want to be able to try it on...However I am hoping maybe I might even be able to find a similar pattern and make them, well not me of course I can't sew...but one of my MOH's can and she is good!!! So we will see....As far as the resort I am not sure if they will let me alter it, I am going to ask though, now that you mentioned it...


As far as decorations I am going to keep them to a minimum. We are not having a private reception because we most likely will only have about 15-20 people. We will have one long table with us at the head of it. I was thinking about a runner down the center of the table, not sure of a color yet, maybe use like a bamboo runner. Then I actually bought for bottles. 2 in orange, 2 in fuschia and the had a small flip flop that hangs from the top. We are going to put sand and shells inside them and the just a couple gerber daisys...I wanted to alternate some kind of decoration with a candle or tealight in it. I think that will be about all I need. PLus we will have the chair sashes from the wedding to put on the chairs as well...


What about you...what are you planning on doing/

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Well, you know you could always have two :) You can use the bouquet that you create with the Real Touch flowers for when you walk down the aisle. Then use the ones the resort gives you as a toss bouquet. This is what I'm planning to do. Will the resort allow you to alter the bouquet that they'll be giving you, as far as colors? Because you could also use it as a floral arrangement for your alter/table during the ceremony.


Also, I LOVE the first dress the best :)



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