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Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

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Oooh, thanks for the tip! I love shopping at Costco too!!



Originally Posted by lianee View Post

I'm pretty excited about my latest find from Costco - a set of 24 LED candles (12 votives and 12 tea lights) for about $24 (I can't remember the exact price) and they include batteries!!!!  I was having the hardest time finding cheap LED candles that included batteries, so I was thrilled to find this nice set from Costco.


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Quote:Ebay..is fab..you can find almost anything on there :)
Originally Posted by capecodder View Post



I found some on ebay.  Everytime I went to Michael's, they never had any either.  I'm still waiting for them to be delivered, so I'll let you know once we get them.



Thanks for sharing your songs Manda!  Still deciding and FI keeps saying, I have everything all picked for that but won't tell me!! He's trying to be funny but I'm not enjoying it all!  Lol!!




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I think your dress looks amazing on you, its perfect on you.....congrats!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Butterfly67 View Post

Hellooooo Brides!!!!!


I have been so busy lately I've been finding it hard to get online.  I couldn't believe I had 98 posts to catch up on this thread alone.

But...I had to make a point of getting online and sharing something with you....MY DRESS IS IN   woot2.gif

Wasn't expecting it till January and my bestfriend had to coax me to go try it on. (not happy with the scale lately)

Well....here it is.......






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thats funny hun, i heard this a couple weeks ago and its on our wedding list so nice!!

Originally Posted by luvmoo View Post

Hey Ladies!!

Totally off topic here... and my FI and I already have our wedding song chosen.. but for those who may not yet... i came across this song.. and i LOVE it!!! thought i would share.. :) if we didnt have our minds made up.. this would definatly be it! :)


A Thousand Years - by Christina Perri :)  It is just beautiful :)


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