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Out of Country Triple Threat

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My name is Anya, my fiancee's name is Brad. Hence, we are Branya2012. Here's a little story of how we met, got engaged and plan on getting married. The Out of Country Triple Threat!


Out of Country Meeting:


Brad and I met when we were both guests at a DW in Puerto Vallarta. Neither of us really knew the bride or groom (I had met them once) but I tagged along on a free trip with my mom and Brad was there on a free trip with a friend. We tease that we were free-loading wedding crashers at the time! We were even living in different cities at the time...leave it to me to go all the way to Mexico and find someone that was currently living in my home town!


Out of Country Proposal:


We are living near Vancouver, BC, Canada, and for my birthday this year, I suggested to Brad that we take a weekend away in Seattle, and catch the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer match there. As soon as I brought that up, Brad said he knew that he wanted to propose while we were out of the country and got the ball rolling. That Saturday night, after the Whitecaps game, we returned to our hotel room. Brad went into the washroom and called out to me, asking me to bring his shaving kit. I took it over and he asked me to open it...and the ring box was inside!! I was completely shocked and absolutely thrilled! We have talked about getting married for a long time, but I didn't think the engagement would happen for a while yet!


Out of Country Wedding:


We are planning a wedding in Las Caletas, Puerto Vallarta for December 2012 (date still yet to be confirmed with the venue, though I have emailed them!). I never really imagined my wedding all that much before I met Brad, and I have only ever imagined returning to Puerto Vallarta to get married to him when the time comes. We know that it's not everyone's ideal wedding, and some people have already expressed disappointment about it, but it is our dream wedding and we are not going to change that for anyone. YAY!!! So excited!!

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