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Help Me Pick My Beach Wedding Dress!!!!

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Hi Ladies!!!


I wanted to give you all an update on what's been going on with my dress picking. Its been a heck of a ride let me tell ya!


So a recap..Dress A:

Ruffle Dress.JPG

This is my dream dress. I felt sexy, sweet and flirty in it all at the same time. I knew it was the ONE… but I didnâ€t buy it.

The dress was $2,500. The numbers on the dress wouldnâ€t allow me to enjoy wearing it...for just one day even though it was my wedding day.


I went to every bridal store in the Dallas area and tried on about 30 more wedding gowns, each pretty gown I compared it to The One. I realized NO other dress could hold a candle to it. I made up my mind, the next day after work I was going buy THE DRESS.


The Next Day Comes...
Ok, I have my dress set to buy after work. Now I need a wedding photographer for bridal and groom portraits on the beach.

I have been reading up a TON of wedding blogs & forums on here.


Brides ranked Del Sol Photography as the #1 to hire. My brother and uncle are photographers too, their work is beautiful so the wedding is pretty much covered but I still peeked at their so called "ranked #1 work".

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw their Underwater Trash The Dress photos. Here is a sample…


The last shot is my absolute favorite….so HOT.



Their style is sexy, sweet and flirty...AND I WANT THIS! It is just something you canâ€t buy in Dallas, Texas.

I emailed them for a quote…and it was as a little more than Dress A. This time I didnâ€t hesitate.

I booked them as soon as I could. Now what the heck was I going to do about a dress?!... I'll deal with that later.


Come next Monday on my lunch hour I decided to go back to a dress shop Iâ€d previously been to JUST TO LOOK. Their dresses are high end and my dress budget just went to Del Sol Photography. LOL!  Dress budget now is $1,000. That day the salon was starting to pack up their sample sale dresses from over the weekend. I LUCKED OUT!


I found this Justin Alexander dress for $300. It was spot clean and fit me like a glove!

JC Full Front.JPGJC Side Full Back.JPG



The onsite seamstress said that since it was also a mermaid dress she could make it a low back and put ruffles in it like my Dress A for another $285! My dream ceremony dress only cost me $585, I couldnâ€t believe it.


I told dress shop owner that I am having 2 receptions after and canâ€t wear my ceremony dress for the underwater and she pulled another Justin Alexander dress from the sample rack.





I nervously asked her how much it was…$150!

I wanted a V-neck or sweetheart neckline so the seamstress said she could do that for $65.


Two dress, one lunch hour = $800. Hallelujah!!!!


Thank you ladies for all of your advice, in a way I got both dresses :)

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