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The wedding is over, but the DIY continues.  Originally I had not planned to make thank yous - I figured these are readily available and once I received the photographers pictures I could easily order some.  Well, I started checking and couldn't justify spending over $2/card after all the other things I have made on my own.  Plus, the big roadblock was size - I want to send photos with the thank yous and most are slightly smaller than 4x6.  Sure I could have just ordered larger envelopes and used those cards, but felt it would look funny.  So using all my extra supplies I set out to make my own.


I pieced together 2 wedding photos and 1 sand photo from the BDW bride who did the table numbers.  I designed it in Publisher using the 1/4 page layout and printed it on the same high gloss paper I used for my welcome brochures.  I then used the turquoise linen cardstock I had left over from my programs and made those slightly larger than 4x6 to hold the photos.  I cut a slit in the fold of the card stock and slipped the photo paper through so that there was a white writing surface on the inside.  I glues it together with spray photo mount.




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