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Prettypigpig's belated pics loaded wedding planning journal- Saves & Splurges, DIY...etc

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Congrats Bonnie! Great planning thread, you put in a lot of work with all your DIY projects, and I am sure your guests loved it all!

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thx Mexbride,


I know what u meant...I got a step by step serie of polaroid pics documentary on "how my baby bro got drunk and passout in the bathroom" followed by video taken with Blackberry and Iphone.  LOL



Originally Posted by mexbride83 View Post

Great job Bonnie - and CONGRATULATIONS!! We did the polaroid album too, and ended up with quite a few improper pics by the end of the night hahamsnwink.gif


Btw, great job on your MIL's outfit, she looks gorgeous! Such a great story too:)


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thx and yes, I like everything to be a bit different and unique.  I don't like things that are too common in general...and I assumed that wedding day is ...once in our life time...so why would I want it to be generic?!

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I agree, you want your wedding to be about you, your hubby, and your family, not just what everyone else does!  That's one reason we are doing DW.  Travel and doing something different is more our style than a typical at home wedding ;)

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OVERALL, here is a DO and DON'T list for DW brides in planning mode and with a budget limit...




  • DIYs projects (and yes, get your FI to help out)
  • Be original, go outside of the box
  • Hire a good photog and video guy (after the wedding, pics and video are all we left with)
  • Save money in advanced, and prepare for extra costs popping out from left and right
  • Give a head up to your potential guests that you will have a DW, so they too can save in advanced.
  • Watch for sales and coupons
  • Compare prices
  • Think twice before you buy (do u or ur guests really need 2 luggage tags or 4 Tylenol each?!)
  • Read reviews on BDW
  • Check baggage limits on your airline's website



  • Overstressed or over upset because some people can't come or try to make u feel guilty because you want a DW (it is your wedding, not theirs)
  • Overworried about the weather.
  • Skip/ Cut corners on photogs and videos (the day will fly by so fast and so emotional that you and FH can't remember much)
  • Overspend on flowers, OOT bags (seriously, guests don't care if they don't get a Sudoku book to fill out on the beach after 2 beers)
  • Overspend on rehearsal dinners, welcome dinners (you and your guests are ..most probably..in an ALL INCLUSIVE resort)
  • Overspend on your dress, your FI will find you beautiful in any white dress (it is a 1 day thing...and no, u can't re-sell it at 80% of the original price, and your future daughter won't like to wear it on her day)

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