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Dreams August/Sept 2012

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Hi Everyone!!!! Congratulations on the recent engagement... I just got engaged recently too and opted for a destination wedding. I'm a little, okay, I lie, alot nervous about the weather in August, Sept :( Anyone else feeling the way I do?

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Hi -

I'm nervous too.  Not so much about possible hurricanes... I'm recommending that everyone attending gets insurance, just in case (they'll pay to move you to a different location.) 


I'm more worried about the dress.  I just went dress shopping and I fell in love with one that has a satin underlay.  How unbearably hot is it going to be in a satin dress?  I'm going to keep shopping but does anyone have any thoughts when it comes to fabric?


Also, I think that we are going to do a "wreck the dress" the following day.  Does anyone recommend a good local photographer in addition to the one with the package?



So excited!!!


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