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Riu Cancun Wedding Review

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This is a really good thorough review.


August 2006


Wedding Coordinator-

We arrived at the hotel a few days before the wedding and met with the wedding coordinator to finalize all of the details. The wedding coordinator, Alexandra, appears young, but don't worry because she is on top of every last detail. Our wedding went very smoothly and this is due in large part to her.


We chose to get married at 5:30 in the gazebo. This is a good time to get married because the gazebo area is shaded by this time and was a very comfortable temperature. We had a violinist play for the ceremony which was a nice option in place of recorded music. An English speaking minister performed our service and we felt he was very nice.


Cocktail Hour-

Immediately after the ceremony we had a mariachi band come in and play from 6:00-7:00. The mariachi band gave a nice touch and entertained our guests while we escaped to take pictures with the photographer. The mariachi band played on the side of the gazebo where we had a small bar and appetizer table set-up. The hotel ropes off a good portion of the patio area so that other hotel guests cannot join the party.



After the cocktail hour our guests moved over to the Brazilian restaurant for dinner. We opted to pay a little extra so that the restaurant was closed off to other guests and was private just for our party. We had dinner from 7:00-8:30. The Brazilian restaurant offers 6 different courses of meat in addition to the buffet of different salads and vegetables. The dinner was fun and enjoyable.



After dinner we moved to the disco at the hotel. The disco doesn't open to the hotel guests until 11:00, so we paid to have it opened for our party from 8:30-11:00. The disco opened for the rest of the hotel at 11:00, but most of our guests stayed and danced until 2:30 in the morning.



When you meet with the wedding coordinator, she will offer several different photography options. The photographer will meet with you a few days after the wedding with your albums all complete. We made a side deal with the photographer and for $100 cash he gave us all (about 250) of the pictures he took on CD. We have since taken the CD to a local photographer so that we could have large portraits made. We also made a side deal with the photographer for $50 each he made a smaller album for each set of parents to have. We were very happy with the pictures that he took.



Also, when you meet with the wedding coordinator, she will offer several different video packages. The videographer did a great job and we were able to view the video and take it home with us a few days after the wedding. He did a great job selecting our music and editing the video.



My family owns a flowershop back home so flowers were very important. We chose the flowers from a book when we met with the wedding coordinator and everything was beautiful!


The day of the wedding I went to the hotel spa with my mom and sisters and we all got our nails, hair and make-up done. It was fun and we were all happy with the job the stylists did.


Overall, our wedding experience at the RIU Cancun went very smoothly and was exactly how we had hoped and imagined the day would be. I highly recomend this hotel if you are considering it for your wedding. The wedding coordinator is very open to ideas, so if there's something that you want that is not being offered do not be afraid to ask, in all cases she was able to accommodate me. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at carax@comcast.net and I would be happy to help.



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