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FI Freaking Out.

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Thank you all for your advice and support!  We actually moved this past weekend to a new apartment and our wedding planned was placed on a back burner.  I do agree that it is ultimately our decision so we recently sat down and really discussed what we wanted and hashed out our concerns and non-negotiables.  We really compromised and have decided to go with a cheaper alternative for our guests by going to Cancun/Playa del Carmen area (which is still beautiful!) and have a Catholic ceremony.  I am not Catholic but the wedding coordinator at Gran Caribe Real indicated that as long as we have approval in the states that we would be able to have the ceremony in the oceanfront chapel.  The Catholic ceremony will really appease my FI's mother and she is on board!  Thanks again for all the kind words...I'm going to start browsing/posting on all the planning sites..so excited!

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Hard situation, we have just got back from a DW and it was amazing and I would not recommend it any other way. 


Try outlining these points to you H2B

  • A DW can work out cheaper then a normal one as not all guests would have been invited (we saved by having a DW)
  • A DW can make it so much more memorable SO MUCH more 
  • Having a DW will make the day go more smoothly because everyone is already super stoaked to be there 

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