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After Wedding Overstock Sale!!! Raffia Fans and Lots for OOT Bags!!!

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Hi Ladies,

    We were a little overzealous in planning for number of guests so we have lots of goodies left to sale!

* Please note that shipping is not included in the prices below and will be additional*

We would love to sale in bundles as listed below.


(21) Spanish phrases for Dummies Books- $1 Each

(20) 6oz Tubes of Aloe Vera (all unopened)- $1 Each

(20) Pool Floats (New in package- 16 Orange/4 Turq)- $1 Each

(18) Decks of Cards(All except 2 in original package)- $0.50 Each

(21) Raffia Fans (These raffia fans are handmade and will have a variation in size. Average width is approximately 10.")- $0.75 

(11) Packages of Neon Band-Aids (40 count)- $1 Each


Please PM me if interested!


Thanks for checking it out!


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Spanish Phrases.jpgAloe Vera.jpgCards.jpgNeon Band Aids.jpg

Spanish for Dummies- $1 Ea.               Aloe Vera- $1 Ea.                       Cards- $0.50 Ea.                 Band Aids- $1 Ea.

Floats.jpgFloats2.jpgRaffia Fans.jpg

Pool Floats- $1 Ea.                                                                                                      Raffia Fans- $0.75 Ea.

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