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@mishmash; great postcard, nicely done. I saw that you put ur wedding website on there. Are you having ppl reply via the site, or you will be sending formal invites to everyone closer to the date?

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Here it is ladies!!!!  On the back we just posted a little note to our friends and family about how excited we are and the travel agents info!!


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Thank  you so much!!!!  We will be sending formal invites out as the date gets closer.  Our wedding website provides all of the travel information and any need to know details for out guests!!! It is through theknot.com, and was extremely easy to set up!!  I am also going to be making my own invitations because it will cost be less than $80 for supplies and actually were really easy to do.  I made a sample one but have to fix some minor details before I will post it on here.

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