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OOT Bags - templates, pics and price break down

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#301 cdnbanker

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    Posted 09 June 2013 - 10:06 AM

    haven't been able to find them so thank you. Off to walgreens!

    #302 jenn4285

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      Posted 10 June 2013 - 09:15 AM

      Thanks for sharing!

      #303 Amberya17

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        Posted 13 June 2013 - 04:09 PM

        Thanks for sharing! These are great!

        #304 Liann03

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          Posted 13 June 2013 - 08:36 PM

          Here are the templates I used, it took some adjustments with some of them to make sure they printed properly.  I purchased full label sheets (8.5x11) for any labels as I designed my own sizes to fit perfectly and used the same cardstock as our invite for our bag toppers and tags.  I used pink cardstock for our pepto bag tops. [ATTACHMENT=9993]Mug Tag-Pepto Bag Topper-Survival Kit Bag Topper-Welcome Tags.pptx (264k. pptx file)[/ATTACHMENT] [ATTACHMENT=9994]Hand Sanitizer-Sewing Kits-Key Card Holder.pptx (352k. pptx file)[/ATTACHMENT] [ATTACHMENT=9996]Lipchap labels-first aid kit-sewing kit.pptx (808k. pptx file)[/ATTACHMENT]

          Can't wait to have 150 posts to use these templates!

          #305 MrsMoye

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            Posted 27 June 2013 - 01:18 PM

            Originally Posted by Liann03 

            Can't wait to have 150 posts to use these templates!

            Me too! I'm at 85...65 more to go!

            #306 vas2014

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            Posted 24 July 2013 - 07:26 AM

            Originally Posted by olive0y1 

            Thank you for the templates!

            Any chance you can send me the templates? PM me. 

            #307 cocoluv

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              Posted 07 August 2013 - 06:17 AM


              Well, I was going to wait to post these with my planning thread BUT since I found a lot of great price finds I thought I would share everything sooner than later so that my fellow brides can take advantage of the same great deals!  There is nothing worse than seeing an OOT and loving the items but finding out they are 6+ months old!!! After convincing FI about OOTs and reading what feels like every OOT thread on this forum I finally was able to narrow down my list of what I wanted to put in them.  When I came across the dollar tree totes on here I knew I HAD to have them and of course the Bubba Kegs for all our guests.  As a Canadian bride a cross boarder shopping trip was needed to hunt down the infamous dollar tree totes and I was sure I was out of luck because they were sold out online and I had hear many brides tell me on here that their stores were sold out as well.  Five dollar trees, asking 1 stranger, no lunch and a lot of persistence (thanks Mom!) I was able to track down 36 tote bags!!!!!   The OOT Bag and contents IMG_3226.JPG Contents + shell soap (forgot it in the first pic oops!) IMG_3227.JPG Wedding Week Survival Kits  "Too Much Booze, Too Much Sun, Too Much Food, Too Much Fun" Contents: -2 sheets pepto chewable tablets (in mini craft baggie with label top with medication information, dosage etc. on reverse) -4 shout wipes -1 2oz hand sanitizer (personalized label) -2 blistex chapsticks with SPF 15 -1 roll of Tums -1 tin mini altoids -2 gatorade individaul packs (may add 2 more if I can find them) -2 individual packed nail polish remover wipes -1 advil 10 ct -1 nail file IMG_3229.JPG ID Cases - was going to do the resealable badge holders with key coils but found these in the $1 bin at target.  I just noticed the personalized insert isn't in this photo, I will post the template for it. "I take you, to have and to hold, my room key and my money, from beach chair to barstool, for soused or for sober, in heat and humidity, from this day forward, until I depart" IMG_3233.JPG Personalized items -First Aid Kit -Hand Sanitizer -Lip Chaps IMG_3234.JPG Travel Sewing Kits - with mini scissors, which I loved!!!! IMG_3235.JPG Bubba Mugs with tags - "To have and to Hold, To Keep Your Drink Cold" (front) "We hop you enjoy this Bubba Keg, to hold your drink and keep it cold while on the beach or by the pool.  After our vacation in paradise is over, please take it home and enjoy using it for your hot beverages too!  Whenever you use your Bubba Mug we hope you remember our wedding in paradise and know how much it means to us that you are able to join us for our special day!" (back) IMG_3236.JPG Bag Contents with price break down and where to buy Tote Bags  --  Dollar Tree (US) -- $1.00 Shell Soap -- Dollarama (CDN)  -- $2.00 for 6 --  $0.33 each Hand Sanitizer -- Big Lots (US)  --  $1.50 for 4 -- $0.38 each Notebooks -- Big Lots (US)  --  $2.00 for 8 --  $0.25 each Bic Pens --  Big Lots (US)  --  $0.95 for 8 --  $0.12 Gatorade Singles --  Big Lots (US) -- $2.00 for 8  --  $0.25 each ID Cases  --  Target (US)  -- $1.00 Mini Altoids  --  Target (US)  --  $0.99 Advil 10ct  --  Target (US)  --  $1.97 Tums  --  Walmart (US)  --  $1.92 for 3 rolls  --  $0.64 each Pepto Chewables  --  Walmart/Target (US)  --  $4.49 for 48 tablets (8 sheets)  --  $0.56 each sheet Sewing Kit  --  Michaels (US)  --  $1.00  Nail File  --  Everything for a Dollar Store (US)  --  $1.00 for 10  --  $0.10 each Face Cloths  --  Target (US)  --  $3.49 for 8  --  $0.44 each Blistex SPF 15  --  Target (US)  --  $0.84 Nail Polish Wipes  --  Target (US)  --  $2.69 for 10  --  $0.27 Shout Wipes  --  Target (US)  --  $2.69 for 12  --  $0.22 First Aid Kit (Johnson & Johnson)  --  Target/Walmart (US)  --  $0.97 Bubba Mug 18oz Tumbler  --  Walmart (US)  --  $4.98 Bubba Mug 32oz Mug  --  Walmart (US)  --  $6.22       I originally planned to do everything in our colours but when I found some great items in the US I decided that bright and tropical colours mixed would work just fine, also that way everyone wouldn't have the same colour bags, mugs etc. and there would be less confusion. Notebooks - mix of red, yellow, green and blue ID Cases - Mix of grey, pink, green and blue Altoids - Red (peppermint) Turquoise (wintermint) Tums - Mixed Berry, Citrus, Original Mint Sewing Kits - Pink, Green, Blue Blistex - Turquoise and Green  Bubbas - Green, Turquoise and Black Tote Bags - Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Green, Pink We will be giving the large Bubba Mugs to our Wedding Party, BM and GM, Parents and ourselves!  We were going to do the whole group in the large ones but they would be a lot harder to pack, the smaller ones will all fit in one suitcase easily and also will be able to be used at home for coffee etc.  I added a few extra bandaids to each First Aid kit that I purchased at Big Lots Bandaid Brand 20 for $1.00!  I like the Johnson and Johnson brand name kits but Dollarama here in Canada has great kits with a lot more pieces, alcohol wipes, gauze roll, tape roll etc that these do not have.  We will be doing up a master first aid kit with other medications, and first aid supplies and I will be putting a small note in every kit that will let our guests know this so they can use anything should they need it. I will be purchasing plastic test tubes with lids that I will put some dish soap in and place inside every mug so our guests can wash them once we arrive in Punta Cana. Overview of some of our LOOT when I arrived home from Buffalo!! IMG_3218.JPG I think that is everything, if anyone has any questions let me know!!! I will post images of my tags and my templates in the next post!!!!!!

              I want my bags to look just like this... But with my colors... Stunning!!! Love it

              #308 muneera0302

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                Posted 19 September 2013 - 11:51 AM

                I just purchased all my hand sanitizers. Dollar Tree has them 3 for $1! here are pics of both brands. Top pic are fruity scents and bottom pic includes aloe vera, lavendar, and original scent.


                #309 Lauren Horne

                Lauren Horne
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                  Posted 19 September 2013 - 11:52 AM

                  This look so great!!

                  #310 sharmer

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                  Posted 15 October 2013 - 09:00 AM

                  so detailed, thanks for sharing!

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