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Gifts for the parents?

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We're having a starfish theme, too, and I love the idea of the starfish necklaces.  Thanks!


I was also thinking about arranging a couples massage for my mom and dad the day before the wedding.  I actually seem to have no problem thinking of things to get my parents, but I have no idea what to get his mom.  


Anyone have suggestions for what to get the future mother in law?

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I am the opposite - lots of ideas for his mom, but not so much for my parents. 

I am just doing the same thing for both. beach bags for the moms with most of the same things my bm and moh are getting. The dads are getting caps that say "Father of the Bride" and "Father of the Groom", and our "Still Drunk from Breakfast" t-shirts that the best man and groom are getting. They are also getting the bubbas that are our favors, but the parents and bridal party are all getting theirs engraved.

Then we are going to make them photo books afterwards. I am also looking at embroidered handkerchiefs, but I am not sure.

What about sending his mom to the spa too? Or a little item of jewelry? Some parents like the engraved stuff, others do not, but that might be something to consider.

Or what about an excursion with all parents and the two of you? They just might want to spend some time with you!

Good luck thinking of something!

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