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Joanne's DIY Boarding Pass Invitations with Photos and Template :-)

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Thanks for the idea of the brads! I found these at Michaels...I think they will be an awesome touch to my boarding passes! cool.gif

Originally Posted by JoanneIreland View Post

Firstly thanks to everyone for sharing their great ideas, I never would have thought about making my own invites only for this forum so a big thanks to all you lovely ladies!

I downloaded a template on here from another bride and edited to my details.


I needed 75 invitations which ended up costing me $210 total, broken down as follows :


100 pearlescent white sheets of cardstock for the invitations from Paper and More                                                                                        $29.99

100 pearlescent pink azalea sheets of cardstock for the boarding pass sleeve from Paper and More (only 75 needed)            $29.99

100 pearlescent pink azalea #10 envelopes for the invitations from Paper and More (75 needed)                                                          $27.98

100 pearlescent pink azalea BAR4 envelopes for return RSVP from Paper and More (75 needed)                                                              $23.98

75 Starfish Charms for invites (3 packs of 25 at $6 a pack) from Oriental Trading                                                                                                   $18:00

Raffia Ribbon from Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $6:29

Professional printing of invites and professional scoring of the sleeve at Kinkoâ€s (includes company discount)                             $62.90

75 flower brads to attach the passes (3 packs of 25 at $2.99 a pack) from AC Moore craft store                                                                 $8:97


GRAND TOTAL    $208.10

*I did not include the cost of the tools as I've used these for multiple projects.



To make and assemble the boarding passes I used the following tools :





Steps to design and put them together :

1. Edited attached template with my specific details

2. Ordered the metallic pink and white cardstock from Paper and More and took this into kinkos who printed the invites for me (single sided for pages 1-3, and double sided on Page 4), made 6 cuts on each page to create the rectangular shape, and also scored the sleeves for me (paper was way to thick for me to fold neatly myself). Total for this was $63 which quite honestly I think I would have spent in ink alone had I done them myself!

3. As my fiance and family call it, I set up a "sweat shop" in my kitchen and we all started assemblying the invitations, starting with using a small curved scissors to cut the little middle curved pieces.Then used a tool from Michael's to cut the curved corner on each page. After that my fiance used a 1/8 inch puncher to place a hole for the flower brad inset. On pafe 4 of the invite (the RSVP), I used a perforated edge blade to make the performated line to tear off the RSVP response. We also put curved corners on the sleeve and and cut the insert at an angle so when you open the sleeve you can see the boarding pass.

4. Next up was cutting raffia ribbon and wrapping around the sleeve that contained the invite and RSVP envelope, and adding the little starfish we got from Oriental Trading.


A heads up to any future DIY brides ..... Please do NOT underestimate the time involved in these!! Grant it, it is very rewarding at the end, but honestly it is a lot of work!!



Picture of boarding pass with sleeve :






The pages :








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