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Photographer with package at Beach Palace Cancun or Palace Cancun

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I'm interested in having my wedding at either the Beach Palace Cancun or Palace Cancun. We don't have a lot of money to spend since we are spending all our money on a month long honeymoon in Europe. I was just wondering if anyone knew who the resort photographer is or if they know if they are any good. 


Any information on the resort or pricing would be very helpful :)




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We just got married at Beach Palace last weekend, and we went through Adrianna (she's just the sales coordinator - not the photographer), and we LOVED the photographer.  I haven't seen the pictures yet, but we were so happy with him and the videographer (both from Smile.)  Also, we ended up not using the sound system through him, but we went back and forth with Erik about just having an iPod docking station, and he was so nice and very very fast at responding, so I would imagine that he would be a good bet for being able to clearly communicate what you want.  Good luck! : )

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