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Yellow Hibiscus in Real Touch...No such thing?

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I haven't been able to find any real touch Hibiscus in Yellow anywhere! :( A lot of the vendors I've talked to say they don't exist, but I've found some of my other flowers after vendors have told me I won't be able to find them, so I'm refusing to give up just yet ;).


Does anyone know where I could find yellow hibiscus in real touch, or maybe even white hibiscus that I could tint yellow? :)



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Here are some sites that have yellow hibiscus flowers (both real touch and silk). BloomBridal.com has real touch yellow and white hibiscus, but the other 2 sites have yellow silk ones. A lot of brides on this forum use BloomBridal, so I'm sure the quality will be good. Good luck!


Scroll down to "Hibiscus" and you'll see white and saffron colors:








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