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Our OOT Bags (Cocoa, Beach, FL) **Pic Heavy**

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Originally Posted by dominiqueamber View Post


Wonderful! I like the towels and I love the sayings and I really like the way your using that paisley paper to tie everything together. I can't find a paper to commit to! What are your official colors?


Officially and originally, the color were hot pink and yellow. But after finding that paper, its all out of the window...lol.  



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Originally Posted by torilynnsmith View Post


Nikki you are so so talented!!!!  Where did you get your beach bags??  I love the snacks and all the cute saying to go with!!  Also great choice with the raspberry lemonade blistex it smells SOOOO yummy!!!!!!!


Thanks :)

I ordered the bags online from Jones Tshirts ( http://www.jonestshirts.com/product/7002 ). They were about 4.00/ea. I almost kicked myself when I saw a similar bag at a Dollar Tree store. But, it was ivory/yellow, smaller and didn't feel as durable as the totes I purchased.


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