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Our OOT Bags (Cocoa, Beach, FL) **Pic Heavy**

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Here a preview of our Out-of-Town Welcome bag:


The Bag : It holds all the goodies inside, plus its reusable!



Welcome Letter: (Work in progress) Itinerary outlining all wedding-related activities; Contact name and phone number in case anyone has questions; other important information


Goodies: Let's face it, destination guests are the most dedicated. Time off, money spent, distance traveled. This is where we showed some love back with lots-o-goodies :)

Here's a break down:


"The Perfect Mix" (pillow box)-Tropical trail mix "Tied The Knot" (clear bag)-Yogurt dipped pretzels "Life is Sweet" (clear bag)- Gourmet cookie *not yet ordered "Nuts About Each Other" (favor jar)- Cocktail peanuts*Not yet ordered "Love is Brewing" (muslin bag)-Tropical tea *not shown Favor box- Jordan almonds Mini Tortuga Rum cake *Not yet Ordered Cocktail mixers Survival kit (includes Hand sanitizer, lip balm, Motrin, Tears of Joy packet, gum and Shout wipes) Photo Keychain *Not shown Water bottle  Towel  




















For the Kiddos: 

Includes an activity book, crayons, bubbles, candy and snacks. I'm still finding things to add.






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They look great!!

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