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ebay wedding dress from china -" to bay or not to bay "

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Hi there

first time poster


I have been engaged for the last 2 months and am dileriously( sp)  happy but have been pondering whether to buy a cheaper dress from ebay - looking at the reviews for the china ebay sites some of them have excellent feedback and they are under £100 free post.


Call me crazy but..... I'm just going to say it and don't want to offend but I can't see the justification for spending over 300 on a dress for one day would rather have a good band - although from the reviews it seems these dresses are well made.



here is the one I love

wedding dress 1 front



wedding dress 1 back


i do love this one too below and it has great reviews- what do you guys think?


wedding dress 3 front                   wedding dress 3 back



I'm also happy to discuss other peoples dresses with them

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