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Planning thread for Jozee84 The Royal Playa Del Carmen 6-15-11

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Ok ladies hereâ€s my planning thread hope it helps give some of you ideas!  We Always knew we wanted a destination wedding, we just didnâ€t know where to go.  I happened to stumble upon the Real resorts and fell in love with the Royal.  We really liked the fact it was so close to 5th ave, it was adults only and that the sister resort right next door was a family resort for other guests bringing kids.  We worked with Elsa Tores as our online WC.  She set up a base camp for us and we sent emails (many many many emails) back and forth.  It made planning easy and everything was documented. 


Our colors were a light green and light purple like sage and lilac. 


My Bridesmaidâ€s dresses:

The maid of honors band is white.


The maid of honors flowers:

Mel's flowers.jpg

The Bridesmaidâ€s flowers:


9348 $45 Bridesmaids.jpg

Our center pieces:

  9505 $50 Center.jpg      


My Bouquet:

9256 $40 Bride.jpg



All our flowers were done by Marvin from Maya de senio.  His prices were unbeatable and his work is amazing!  He sends you pictures of his work, all you have to do it tell him what kind of flowers your looking for.  He also threw in the flowers for my hair with out a charge.  All together it was $ 610, for the bridal bouquet, maid of honors, 3 brides maids, 7 boutonnieres, 2 corsages, 2 center pieces, and a centerpiece for a sweetheart table and sand ceremony table. 


My earrings: (got them at Lord and Taylor) They were a little more than I wanted to spend but oh well I LOVED them!


My dress:


Our invitations to the wedding ceremony:


My FI painted them with water colors and we printed them out on the comp.  We wanted to make these ones more personal and we only had to make about 20.


Our invitations to our AHR:


Ordered from vponsale.com they were very easy to work with.  I just choose a template and changed the colors and wording.  They can customize invitation, color, size, font that you want.  I thought the color was going to be a little lighter but Iâ€m still happy with them.  They send you a sample to your email so you can see them before the order goes through and you can change anything you donâ€t like.  Everything, the invitations, reception cards, response cards, thank you cards, envelopes with return addresses on them all came out to $130 for 75 each plus some more envelopes and thank you cards.  The envelopes for the invitations have are white but they are a little pearly looking.  Also they are a lot lighter than most regular wedding invitations.  When I first opened up the package I was disappointed at the weight, but the more I thought about it I figured it was better cause it will save me money on stamps.  Most wedding invitations are .61, these should cost the same as a regular letter. 


Our sand ceremony kit:



We got everything at Michaels was WAY cheaper than getting a kit online or at a store.  I think all three pieces cost like $20 maybe.

All our engraving was done at Things remembered.


Our wedding fans: 


Ordered them online, got 25 for about $28.  DIY tags for the strings.  Sorry no pics of them, but they came out really cute!


Our favors:


Ordered them online from littlethingsfavors.com, got 12 for $40. 


Bridal party jewelry:


Ordered from Jewelryforgifts.com, got 4 for $64. 

I also got them starfish hair pins


Bridal party gifts I got pashminas and personalized photo albums.



I got from NYC 5 for $25


Photo albums:


I got from Things remembered


Grooms men gifts:


Leatherman knives, we had engraved with nick names and grooms men and best man written in Spanish. 


Our cake:


I found a pic online and sent it to my WC.  They had a similar cake in their couture cakes, I just asked for mine to look like the pic and they said no problem.  $190 Tres Leches BABY!!


Favors for our AHR:

I ordered the boxes and flowers on orientaltrading.com Ladies, double and triple check this site!  The first time I checked for white favor boxes nothing popped up.  Only crazy colors did.  When I clicked on more colors more kept popping up, but when I typed it in the search box, nothing.  The site does have a lot of stuff.  I all the boxes 120 and flowers 480 for $43.90.  We put some confetti paper and Lindor truffles in them. 


Check our shipping charged before ordering online!  I found another site where I could order all the favor boxes for under $13.  Shipping was outrageous!


Grooms Shirt and Tie: 


I wanted him to get a suit but he didnâ€t want to wear one.  I thought it would be more dressy.  But I know heâ€ll look great in what ever he wears.  As silly as it sounds finding the right tie was TOUGH! It was like pulling teeth from a baby.  We bought SO many before finding the right one.  We ended up getting it from Nordstrams.  Shirt was from Macyâ€s. 


Grooms men shirts: 


For pants they wore Dockers from Khols.  Brown belt brown shoes.


Hope this helps for future brides!

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