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2012 Le Blanc Brides

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#41 Jaclyn24

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    Posted 07 September 2011 - 11:39 AM

    Our guests are staying at LB also , we are providing transportation for them back and forth from church That sounds perfect!! Our reception will start at 6 also so its cooler and we get the great sunset photos We also asked elizabeth !! Looks like we are on the same page :) Who are you thinking of using for flowers / decor?

    #42 lolanikki

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      Posted 07 September 2011 - 06:32 PM

      Originally Posted by med2012 

      Hi Brides,


      I'm new to the board, but have been reading posts for quite some time.  After 2 months of looking, my fiance and I finally chose Le Blanc for our wedding destination location and I cannot wait! I am working with Wendy Hicks and Yesenia from Palace Resorts and still working on firming up a date, but looking in July.  Any up front advice would be helpful since I'm new to this process.


      How soon did everyone send out their save the dates? We were originally going to get married in November and have moved it up a few months so I feel behind!  I saw the passport ideas from Sproullie Designs and really liked that idea to give people information and gauge who would actually be coming.  We are thinking we will have around 40-50 guests.


      For those that have picked packages yet, could you please share which and what the reasoning was?  That will be the next step in my process.




      Welcome Molly!


      My wedding is on August 4th 2012 at the Gazebo @ 6 p.m. Funny, I got my save the dates from Sproullie designs as well and I should have them this week and I'll mail them out next week. I decided on boarding pass style Save the dates. I got my invites from Allison Barnhill Designs. I went with Allison for the passports because she offered larger styles that are 5x7 instead of the typical 3x5. I'm planning to send the invites out in October. I'm still going back and forth on the wedding packages, right now I have the complimentary package and I'm thinking about doing add ons. Not sure yet!


      #43 med2012

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        Posted 08 September 2011 - 10:05 AM

        Looks like we are all on the same page, how funny! 


        Jaclyn, are you staying at the resort? Looks like we have to be there 3 days ahead of the ceremony, so I should be arriving sometime on 7/17 - maybe we will run into each other!  We chose 6pm at the Gazebo as well for the civil ceremony and should be receiving the contract today.  For the reception we're thinking the rooftop (Blancwind Terrace).


        Does anyone have an idea of scheduling - cocktail hour, how long the reception is, etc? Or a preferred vendor list? 


        I'm working with Yesenia from Palace Resorts and she gave me the name of DJ Erik Sabagh...does anyone know anything about him or have any recommendations?  I asked her today for the preferred vendor list.

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          Posted 08 September 2011 - 10:31 AM

          Hi brides. I was thinking about the 6pm time slot for the sunset and cooler weather but any outdoor event has to be over by 10pm which would leave such little time for the fun of a wedding night reception. I booked the 4pm but will most likely start at 4:30 cocktail at 5 or 5:15 reception at 6 or 6:15 with 4 hrs of food drink and dancing. I have still not recede the preferred vendor list if someone could pm me that would e great I was wondering about you girls sending invites when are you sending them. What is the RSVP date and when is your wedding. I'm still not sure of when they should go out Happy planning

          #45 lolanikki

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            Posted 09 September 2011 - 10:28 AM

            I found out that the outdoor reception at the (beach/gazebo area) has to end early. However, during our tour they said if we did the 3rd floor ballroom & terrace that we could go later until 1 or 2. So that's what we decided on.


            I'm sending my save the dates out this weekend for our August 4th wedding! Invites will go out mid-October.


            I'll PM you the vendor list I received. However, the DJ PSAV wouldn't allow me to provide a "must playlist" so I decided to go with DJ Mannia and Yesenia said it was ok.


            Hope this helps!



            Originally Posted by lau080285 

            Hi brides. I was thinking about the 6pm time slot for the sunset and cooler weather but any outdoor event has to be over by 10pm which would leave such little time for the fun of a wedding night reception. I booked the 4pm but will most likely start at 4:30 cocktail at 5 or 5:15 reception at 6 or 6:15 with 4 hrs of food drink and dancing.
            I have still not recede the preferred vendor list if someone could pm me that would e great I was wondering about you girls sending invites when are you sending them. What is the RSVP date and when is your wedding. I'm still not sure of when they should go out

            Happy planning


            #46 med2012

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              Posted 10 September 2011 - 05:52 AM

              Lau - I'm so glad you mentioned the 10pm ending time for outdoor events, I had no idea! I double checked with Yesenia, and you are correct so we are planning on moving up our ceremony to 5:30 so we can do a 1 hour cocktail with 3 hour reception or 4 hour reception depending on what we decide.  I felt the 3 hours would feel too rushed for our guests and want to enjoy the night.


              Nicole, could you pm me the vendor list as well?  I've asked Yesenia a few times but have not received it.  I haven't done any research on DJ's yet - any advice?


              I'm hoping to send out my STD's in October.

              #47 lau080285

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                Posted 10 September 2011 - 12:18 PM

                Glad I could help. My mother always tells me how your wedding day flies by so to make it as long as possible. We considered the ballroom but wanted to be outside so we went with early wedding ending at 10 and since there's a cool bar and DJ on property til 2 and all you can drink we figure the afterparty. Can continue on. Does anyone know if you need to buy one guest pas per vendor or if say there are two DJs coming for DJ Mannia do you need two guest passes? Also how far ahead is your RSVP date for guests. I sent STD in july as a heads up invites hopefully before thanksgiving with RSVP of either feb or march for a June 2 wedding. Any advice is that a good time frame for rsvps? So not sure. Happy planning ladies

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                  Posted 16 September 2011 - 10:03 AM

                  Hey guys!


                  I am new to this as an actual subscriber, but I have been stalking this website since I decided on a destination wedding.  We decided Mexico because we are in Atlanta and flights are not overly expensive if people wanted to go.  I knew I wanted a gazebo with the ocean behind because I am 5'2 and my fiance is 6'4...gotta have those heels!  Anyway, after a lot of research and so many good reviews I decided on Le Blanc, May 5, 2012.  That's right CINCO DE MAYO!  Ha ha.  Apparently Mexicans don't really celebrate it, but hey, at least my fiance and I won't forget it 


                  I am working with Yesenia in Miami, she wasn't very responsive at the beginning but now after a month and a half of being officially booked she replies back pretty fast.  Decided on the signature package, a) I loved the simple decor B) it included 32 people in the ceremony/reception (we sent save the dates out to 75 with hopes of 40-50 actually coming).  Definitely doing the Gazebo at 6:00, and I am going back and forth on rooftop or ballroom for reception.  I just don't want to be in an oven my entire wedding day (depending on how hot it is), which is why I would choose a ballroom.  I also chose to do group rates through the resort, they were cheaper than the travel agent I was working with, plus you get that incentive to get free rooms for you and your fiance or free private events.  She sent me a group link to send my guests (I put this on my weddingwire.com website for my guests to use for any questions they may have), it gives you all of the information you need.  There is a link for transportation from airport to resort and return trip for $24, she will send that you as well.  Another note:  my fiance and I are staying at the resort from wed-thur (8 days) and the $1,500 resort credit you get can go towards the price of your wedding package, so our $3,999 package is now $1,999!  Helllllooooo!


                  Photographer:  I have done weeks of extensive research on this, I think the resort photographer sucks.  They are unresponsive, I sent them multiple emails asking them to send pictures of Le Blanc weddings and finally had to ask Yesenia to get them to respond to me, once they did, they sent me a few jpeg's of pictures and they were horrible.  I felt like my 5 year old niece could have taken them.  So after finally accepting we couldn't afford De Sol or their sister company, we went with Sasha Gluk (Cancun Photos).  He has the same style as them (check out his blogs) but for WAY less.  I have a friend who works for a photographer in Atlanta and she said you really don't need more than 6 hours for (getting ready, bride/bmaides, groom/gmen, ceremony, family, wedding party, etc shots, reception.  So I went with his 5 hour package and added an extra hour for $325.  I noticed a lot of these photographers don't include albums, I asked Sasha if he would design one (because I can get a flushmount album done here in Atlanta for $300) and he said he would design one for $250.  So I am getting my entire wedding, 240 edit images (i have been told you don't want ALL of the photos some photographers offer because it becomes overwhelming to decide which ones you like, I know I don't want to go through 600-700 photos) and design for album for $2,100.00.


                  DJ:  I was going to just go with Erik Sabagh because I didn't want to have to pay for another outside vendor fee, but if you guys know anything about him I am all ears.


                  Decor:  I asked Yesenia if decor was included in the signature and she said yes, I am assuming if you wanted more than they give in each package you have to use an outside vendor?


                  Location:  Has anyone heard if this part of Mexico isn't the "safe" part? I am really getting sick and tired of people telling me it isn't safe, when I keep seeing all of these people come back from Mexico and they all say that it was fine.  My whole theory is "DON'T COME"!  Any links or information on this would be helpful.


                  Dress:  Think I am ordering one off of JJsHouse.com, I refuse to spend a huge amount on a dress I am never going to wear again, would much rather have good pictures!  The dress I ordered is VERY pretty, its only $155!!!!  For my bridesmaids, I am definitely doing black dresses with bright tropical bridesmaid flowers, just not sure where I am going to get those dresses yet....


                  Flowers:  I am tossing back starting to look for a florist, because I am only getting 3 bmaid flowers and mine is included in my package.  But they are ridiculous expensive, so if anyone has heard of any good florists that show up on time and the flowers aren't dead on arrival, please let me know, it may be worth paying an outdoor vendor fee if they flowers are $300 less.


                  Fiance's Attire:  If anyone knows of a good place to buy khaki color suits, please let me know.


                  Invitations:  When are you supposed to send these out?  I know we have to have everyone's rooms booked 3 months prior and that's when you start planning with the onsite wedding planner, so I was thinking end of January for a March 1 deadline?  Wedding is 5.5.12 - so I figured that would be enough time.  I already sent my save the dates out, so I am assuming most people have decided if they are going by now anyway??  I have never claimed to know all things etiquette, so any advice would be welcome.


                  So excited for all of you that have AMAZING taste and are getting married in 2012 at Le Blanc!  Should be a fun ride, can't wait for what's to come!

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                    Posted 22 September 2011 - 11:50 AM

                    Congrats to you!! I'm also curious about flowers and DJ is anyone has any input to share? I have an appointment with a shop tomorrow and am hoping to send out my STD's by next week for my 7/20/12 wedding.






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                      Posted 28 September 2011 - 01:25 PM

                      Hi there!  I am also getting married at Le Blanc on April 28, 2012.  I have been working with Wendy and she is truly amazing.  Yesenia from Palace Resorts has also been helpful.  I'm wondering if any of you have had problems getting ahold of her lately.  I've been waiting on an email response for 2 weeks :/ ..


                      Le Blanc looks so beautiful, I can't wait for the wedding!!  We are having the ceremony at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Chapel at Moon Palace, and the reception will be at Le Blanc, that's also where all our guests will be staying.  We mailed out STD's in May and have 30 people booked so far.  This site has been a huge help. 


                      Does anyone have a list for the optional add-ons at Le Blanc?  If you purchase a wedding package, what can be added/removed?? 


                      Or any DJ's that they would recommend or have dealt with?  I want control over the music and I've been getting the impression that this is not possible.. I'm even thinking about using an ipod.. I am having the fire dancers so I'm wondering if I need a DJ for the other 2-3 hours..  Does know anything about this?

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