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Avoid the `American way to die’

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Have you ever heard of the `American way to dieâ€?  If not, go through the book Reversing Heart Diseases, which is written by American cardiologist Julian Whitaker. He says that millions of Americans die every year due to uncontrolled diet, lack of exercise and injurious habits like smoking. All these bad lifestyle practices generate high blood pressure and high cholesterol which normally the body is unable to withstand.


The observations of Julian Whitaker, (though he mainly speaks about the American lifestyle and diseases), is very relevant in the Indian context too. Just have a look into your own lifestyle. Have you ever done anything to control your diet and thus prevent the diseases? If your answer is in the negative, then it is high time that you changed your lifestyle practices.


A recent study shows that youngsters in the metros in India are more prone to health disorders than those in the rural areas, thanks to their habit of eating junk food and other bad lifestyle practices. All these trends reassert the significance of Ayurveda as an efficient healthcare system as it not only focuses on medication, but on diet, physical exercise like yogas and puts forward a distinctive lifestyle itself. The youngsters have already understood this fact and it is indicated by the growing number of people approaching ayurvedic resorts or hospitals in search of advice/therapies. 

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