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Shannon Fowler

Help!! Advice needed!

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Hello everyone!

I am in need of advice from BRIDES who have been there, done that.

I am planning our wedding in November of 2011 and have booked it at Barcelo Marina Palace.

I need to hear from brides who have worn a traditional dress.  Not a destination chifon number, but a satin, train, bustle whole bit dress.  Everyone has me terrified to wear my dress.  They keep telling me how hot and uncomfortable I will be and I won't be able to enjoy my day. 

now it seems I am not the first to do this, so I just need some comforting words from brides who wore their dream dress and didn't get hospitalized from exhaustion or dehydration from being overheated all day.

AND...my wedding will be at 4 pm....how late is that for Cuba?  Am I going to have to do two days of wedding pictures?  This was the other thing I was told.  I will have to dress up a second day cause there won't be enough sun for the photos.

Thanks!  Any words of comfort or confirmation would be a great help!  Thanks!!


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I also have a satin dress but I am not worrying about how hot I will be because I love my dress! (Talk to me after the fact lol)

I think it depends on what month you are getting married. My wedding is at 5pm in Mexico in May & I was told there will be plenty of day light for photos after the ceremony. 

Try this site. You can change the location to get a general idea for day light.



I would be curious to hear what other satin brides would have to say about it. The only thing I have heard is its very heavy if you get it wet. 

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How about an advice from someone who've seen a few hundred brides :)


I had a few weddings where brides had traditional big dresses and they were suffering a bit. September-November is pretty humid and you'll be sweating a lot. If you are ok with that then go for it. The thing with heat is that if one part of your body starts to sweat, the heat will transfer to the rest of your body,including your head. You might want to make sure your make-up is waterproof.

  Even summer weddings here in Canada sometime are tough brides and they end up making adjustments to the layers to make it easier for them.


Sunset in November is around 5:30-6pm.

So,if you put on your dress an hour or so before the ceremony then you'll be ok.  

On the second day you can dress up again and do the "trash the dress" session with your photographer. 

I am sure your photographer will have suggestions for you in that aspect.



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i'm not getting married in cuba but i'm getting married in jamaica which, i bet is equally as hot ANY time of the year and while my dress is a chiffon number its a traditional dress with a train, bustle, etc..(check out my planning thread for a sneak peak) and i'm THRILLED to wear it...girlie, DO YOU..this is your big day and ENJOY the dress, the day and the whole lot...let the 'haters' hate..you, be happy and concentrate on just how terrificly fabulous you'll be in YOUR dress on YOUR day!





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