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I'm goint to be a Sunset Beach Bride!

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Thank you so much for your posts.  I just booked my vaca to Sunset Beach today and I'll be sending my wedding info out on Monday.  I'm getting married on Feb. 29, 2012...Leap Day!! I was a little uneasy about what expect from the resort in regards to wedding packages, decor, photography etc.  But your photos and detailed play by play has eased my mind...a bit.  Be forewarned that you may get a plethra of questions from me, but here are the one's off the top of my head...

Which package did you choose?  I'm thinking the Signature Sunset.  I found that the other more expensive packages has things I don't care about, ie. VIP tour, his/her robes.

Were your ceremony decorations included with your package or were they extra?  I was thinking of getting the Bamboo Canopy, but if they docorate the canopy the way they did yours, do I really need it?

Did you bring a lot of your own decorations with you? 

Which dinner package did you get?

Can they put fresh flowers in your hair?

Your bouqet was purple and white.  My colour scheme is orange and white.  Are the bouquets customized to you?  Is your bouquet the Delux Sunset Bouquet?

Was your photographer the one from the resort?

I was thinking of the bonfire, but from what you said, a tad waste of $$?


Thank you for your input!


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Welcome, try using the search at the top to find that resort and find other brides who were married there or who will be married there!

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