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Heya, I'm gettin married in early 2012 and never realised how stressful keeping all my information and notes together is!   My friend found this great iPhone application help with planning and organising weddings!! Its's called Dream Wedding P.A. Basically it offers you a complete personal assistant which can keep track of your budget, guests and check-lists. It has huge list of vendors (suppliers) which lists everything on offer near you in your local area from flowerists, band, dresses, photographer etc, which was brilliant as it saved me going through the phonebook! I The planner lets you see what needs to be done, and you can add new "to do's" either or extra reminders of whats due and when such as a deposit or confirming a booking.   It also suggests budgeting tips, keeps track of your costs and adds up the total, has a specific guest receipt so you can send of invites through your phonebook, or a simply reminder, who has rsvps and even just an idea for sitting arrangements / church numbers and who's on the bride/grooms side.   It making my planning a lot easier having all the information I need stored on one application and would highly recommend it to everyone! Hopefully some of you guys will find it as helpful as I am! Heres the link to Itunes for it! great little investment!   http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dream-wedding-p-a/id431624163?mt=8  

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