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#61 ROS64

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    Posted 06 February 2012 - 07:21 PM



    #62 Katieharv

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      Posted 07 February 2012 - 01:48 PM

      Thanks miwako! I contacted Alina and she was very responsive. I'm surprised how much they are willing to do with decorations-candles/vases/etc available for rent. I thought I was going to have to provide my own vases when I got down there.  She quoted me $55-75 for various centerpieces, which is reasonable enough... Still not sure what we will end up doing.


      Do you know if they will split the entree options, ie some people get beef and some get chicken?


      What other decor are you thinking for the terrace?

      Is the $500 site fee for all night? Or for only 1 of the searings?



      #63 Charliegirl59

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        Posted 21 February 2012 - 12:30 AM

        Hey ladies!  Hope everyone's planning is going well!!!  Katieharv, yes we are booked the same day....and we are at the 60 day mark!  So excited but a lil nervous since I have not done any planning with the wedding coordinator..  I got an email back stating they would be in touch but nothing yet....can you please forward me whatever lists you have regarding reception sites etc? charlenem17@hotmail.com  I would really appreciate it!  Our wedding is going to be really small less than 30 guests, so not sure what options we would have for reception sites.  My biggest concern is where we are going to have our reception so we can have a dance floor. I think we want to get married on the beach, originally I was thinking the San Jose gazebo, but it just feels more like a destination wedding with our "toes in the sand" =)


        Have you hired your photographer yet?  We decided to fly in 2 photographers and pay for their trip.  I actually posted on craigslist and literally got over 70 responses in 2 days, and found 2 photographers that are a married couple who would do it for $2000 total including travel expenses, their fees, editing etc.  Their usual fee is $2800 but they really wanted a destination wedding for their portfolio.  They will be shooting for 6 hours the day of our wedding AND do a trash the dress session at lovers beach the next day at sunset for free.  They are awesome, they do wedding photography full time and are so excited to shoot our wedding.   We got a lot of responses from reputable wedding photographers that would do it for a nominal costs because they are trying to branch out into destination weddings and would like to have the photos for their websites etc.


        I read a recent 1/12 review of the hotel photographers that was awful, they paid $1000 for 3 hours for horrible photos.  I started looking for outside vendors from Cabo but they were so expensive (esp when you added the outside vendor fee) and they do not have blogs usually with all of their work, only a few select photos (of their choosing) and I just didn't trust our most important event of our lives with someone I couldn't meet beforehand.  The hotel doesn't charge an outside vendor fee if your wedding guests are "by chance" photographers.  


        Thank you Miwako for your post about the huppah, that's a great idea!  I'm so hoping all goes well with these next 2 months of planning!





        #64 miwakostory

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          Posted 21 February 2012 - 01:51 PM

          The $500 is for one seating. I haven't finalized my plans for the decor. I am thinking of tabel runners, floral centerpieces, small tea candles...


          My understanding is guests have the option of beef or chicken.


          Charliegirl59, thank you for the photographer idea. I contacted my travel agent and it costs $1400 for air/hotel versus paying $2200 for 5 hours.  Now I am in the process of finding someone who is willing to shoot for free as long as I pay for their flight/hotel. 

          #65 Charliegirl59

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            Posted 22 February 2012 - 12:04 PM

            Still no response from the WC....Miwako will you please email me the lists you have?  My wedding is in 59 days and I have not reserved anything, nor gotten a response from Jaz.  I would greatly appreciate it!





            Regarding the photographers, you should post an add on craigslist!  Seriously I was shocked at how amazing some of the photographers were that responded...I couldn't believe how many responses I got.  What I did was picked out my favs and then sent emails to each one asking them the best deal they could do, and from there I called and interviewed them to see who I clicked with the most.  It is better to meet with them beforehand if you can so you can make sure you are comfortable with them and have a good connection since getting good shots is all about how comfortable you feel in front of them while they are shooting!  Plus, if you are interest in doing a trash the dress shoot the next day mention that because those are so much fun and most of the photographers would LOVE to have those photos for their portfolio.  (you don't have to use your actual wedding dress if you don't want to get it dirty lol) I am because mine was only $400 and I'll never wear it again.  I have read about brides who just wash the sand off and then hand wash it and its usually fine. :) 

            #66 Charliegirl59

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              Posted 24 February 2012 - 07:44 PM

              Hey Miwako and Katie, I finally got a response from Jaz, I'm so relieved to be actually planning finally!  She sent me all the lists, so I'm all good....now time to make some decisions :)

              #67 miwakostory

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                Posted 28 February 2012 - 05:43 PM

                By the way, pleae tell all of your guests to book ASAP.  The resort is already booked/sold out for the weekend of my wedding (April 13th).  There are few people who are trying to book at the last minute, but will have to find another resort.

                I am also waiting to hear back if my guests who do not stay on the resort due to it being booked have to pay the fee to come on site for the wedding.

                Just thought I share in case some of you have friends/family who are waiting until the last minute to book.

                #68 mrscantatore

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                  Posted 02 March 2012 - 08:06 AM

                  ugh, thats the worst...especially that they would have to pay for a daily fee to actually come and see the wedding. Its about 100 USD...thats a shame...who knew that place would SELL OUT! its huge..when i did a site check, it took about 7-10 mins to walk across half of it!


                  good luck. ill keep my fingers crossed!

                  #69 mrscantatore

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                    Posted 02 March 2012 - 09:34 AM

                    hey there! is it possible to pass along the menus she sent? and maybe the checklist if possible?  I have the prices for everything though i dont have the per plate dinner menu options. I know there is tiered pricing for different sorts of entrees, but I dont know what they are or what they include...


                    it would be a huge help if you could because it could help us narrow down our decision of what venue to go with when we get closer to the date.


                    3 months to the day, TODAY! it goes quickly!


                    Thanks so much- my email is cantatorecoughlin@gmail.comt





                    #70 Charliegirl59

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                      Posted 05 March 2012 - 08:07 AM

                      Hey Mrs. Cantatore and other gals! 

                          I only have the menus of the food that is included not per person plated options.  We are doing our reception at one of the terraces so we do not have to pay per person for food.  They are charging me $25.00/plate (even if I go with the menu of the restaurant) per any person above 15 people since I got the royal package.  But we only have 30 people so it's an extra $375 for food, and the caprice was over $2300, if I remember correctly.


                      Does any one know what they do for music during the ceremony?  We are planning on bringing down a bose system for 1st dance etc during the reception, but we wanted to have music during our ceremony on the beach.  Would we have to hire a dj for the hour during that time, or can the hotel supply speakers?  


                      Also, does anyone know if you are having your reception at one of the terraces if you can have candles?  We are thinking of doing something like the below for centerpieces to save money on floral centerpieces as they are $50-$90 each. We also found these awesome driftwood candle holders on etsy, which would be totally unique and rustic with the burlap table runners :) I am still waiting on an email back from Jaz regarding these questions.  I have sent her 3 emails since last week  (one of which was my checklist and signed terms and conditions and no response.)  I feel like I have to email her multiple times to get a response and my wedding is NEXT MONTH!  So frustrating!  How's everyone else's planning going?


                      INautical_Wedding_Centerpiece_3 (1).jpg

                      drift wood.jpg











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