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What can I bring into Mexico?

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I am getting married at Dreams Tulum on June 25th.  My fiance and I are trying to bring a lot of items in with us to create welcome bags for our guests.  But we have been getting conflicting information on what we can/can't bring into the country.  I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could help answer this question for me (maybe someone who has brought the same items in themselves).  Here is what we are planning on bringing...


-small blue tote bags

-oreos (individually wrapped 2 per pack)

-rice krispie treats (individually wrapped)

-granola bars (individually wrapped)

-jelly beans (small packs of jelly bellies

-altoid mint packs

-decks of cards playing cards

-trial sized tubes of sunscreen

-advil  (small trial sized individual packs, 2 caplets per pack) 

-pepto bismol (small trial sized individual packs, 2 caplets per pack)

-medium sized hand woven buri fans (as gifts for guests)

-various sized sea shells (to use in centerpieces)


Does anyone know if these items can go into Mexico?  We are trying to take everything on the plane.  Thanks in advance for the help!!

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Hi TulumBrideKel


Congratulations on your wedding. It is coming up so fast you must be very excited! I love your idea to make welcome bags for your guests, and what useful items while on vacation! To address your questions about what you are allowed to bring into Mexico...

All the items on your list should be fine to bring down with you, as long as you put them in checked luggage. All the food items will be fine as long as they are packaged (not home made) and also don't try to bring any fruit, I know it's not on your list but in case you wanted to throw something like that in there last minute. The only slight issue I could see might be with the seashells. If they are purchased/packaged seashells it shouldn't be an issue as they have most likely been shipped around the world already. However, if they are shells you've gathered from home or other parts of the world on your own there may be an issue. I would advise against bringing your own shells all together just to be safe, but purchased ones should be fine, and remember to put all items in your checked luggage. I hope that helps answer your question. Goodluck with everything and I'm sure your wedding will turn out splendidly!


Kielah- Blue Petal Destination Weddings

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Congratulations and welcome to the forums! I have come to Mexico many times with various items that we allowed and not allowed! haha Customs is always a bit of a guessing game but I have never been denied anything... including a full desktop PC. I see no problems with your list and if you hit "green" on the light... you'll sail right thru!

Best of luck and have fun with it all.


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TulumBride, Just wondering if you had any issues with the sea shells? I am wanting to make sand dollar place cards and I am wondering if I can bring these into Mexico for our wedding.


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