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Itâ€s finally time to post my welcome bags - why do we still call them OOT bags when everyone is OOT at a destination wedding J  This project has morphed since I started wedding planning 10 months ago – adding and subtracting items, spending more and more money, etc.  There were just so many great ideas on BDW but I really had to stop and think about what I wanted.  Our event is only a 3-4 day weekend trip and itâ€s not an all-inclusive so that was my first way to narrow it down – no rainy day back up plans and no drink containers/tip carriers.  I also was very conscious about making the items gender neutral so everyone could enjoy them.  And lastly, I wanted it to be easily packable – I attending an out of town wedding where the favors were these cute tea light lanterns but my suitcase was so full I couldnâ€t pack them.  All my welcome bag items will either be consumed on premises or packed flat.


So here goes…first the bag.  I started out the same as the other BDW brides and thought I would use Vista Print for everything.  I ordered 2 sample bags with free promos and they are OK but on the small side.  I decided I wanted to do actual beach bags and since Iâ€m not making that many I figured I could splurge a little here – give the guests something they will really use again.  I am using the 2 vista print totes for the kids so they arenâ€t going to waste.  I was going to do the traditional boat tote but then this striped bag kept popping up in my on-line searches and I fell in love.  They are 100% cotton canvas with a zipper closure.  I kept seeing them as bridesmaid gifts but they are also used for corporate promotions so the guys should like them too.  I ordered them through Motivators.com and they were a pleasure to deal with.  I designed the logo myself (for those of you who have seen my other posts, youâ€ll recognize my palm tree). The bags are large and good quality.  I wish they had an inside pocket, but the 2 outside ones are really deep.  Iâ€ve already been using mine at the pool and beach.






I made the tags in Word, printed them on cardstock, glued them to colored cardstock and tied the ribbon – all supplies left over from other projects.  Since I was trying to get things done early I had these printed before I knew my guests so I just handwrote their names in later.  I tried uploading the template but the format and font is all messed up becasue I'm a different computer.


For the contents, I didnâ€t want to throw things in haphazardly since the bags are pretty large.  I decided I would divide the stuff up into smaller baggies and use wedding vows as the theme.  I made the labels really early so youâ€ll see itâ€s a little different than my later DIY projects once I found my official “tree.† Here is everything thatâ€s inside:




Welcome brochure - welcome note from B&G, itinerary, guest list, things to do, fun facts about Bahamas, photoshare info, how to contact B&G, direction to wedding site.  All the typical stuff.  See separate thread for details.




Nassau map which Iâ€m going to get from airport when we land.


Activity booklet filled with wedding themed games and info.  See separate thread for details.  I was going to do the custom pens from Vista Print but once I started making the booklet, I realized guests will appreciate a pencil so they can change their answers.




2 bottles of water with wedding logos – we are buying the water once we arrive in the Bahamas.  The labels I designed in Word – got the template from the Knot DIY board.  Again, one of my older projects.






“For Better or for Worse†– tissues, shout wipes, toothpicks, mints, sunscreen, aloe – the standard BDW stuff.  Sure guests probably wonâ€t need some of this but itâ€s so darned cute.  See separate thread on toothpicks.  I donâ€t have a thread on the mint books, but I got that template from another BDW bride.




“In Sickness and in Health†– first aid kit with band-aids, Advil, tums, pepto – again standard items.  I got the stick figure template from another BDW bride.  All the items are sealed – it costs more but I know people are funny about open meds.


“For Richer or for Poorer†- $5 casino chip – no explanation necessary




“To Have and to Hold†- these are the actual gifts for the guests (weâ€re not doing favors at the wedding since there is quite a bit in here) – iPod travel speakers, monogrammed baseball hats, magnets, keychain, Life is Good sticker and CD of some of our favorite wedding songs.  I know, I know, CDs are so yesterday, but giving everyone an iPOD shuffle wasnâ€t in the budget.  It didnâ€t cost anything and people can upload it into their iTunes account.  We had stacks of CDs and labels at work that no one uses anymore (we all use USBs now).  I created the label in Publisher using one of their predesigned formats.  The only expense was for sleeves since I didnâ€t want to deal with cracked jewel cases.  The magnets and key chains are DIY and speakers and stickers are store bought.  I had the hats done at a local embroidery shop but designed them myself. 






http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/64577/personalized-wine-charms post #17




“As Long as You Shall be Hungry†– snack items to be purchased in Bahamas – pretzels, nuts, cookies, chocolates, etc.  For demonstration purposes I just used stuff around the house.


For the kids bags there is an underwater camera, Trader Joeâ€s Snaquariums (seems appropriate for our location), marine coloring kit (not pictured here - they must be buried in with other stuff), water and the same hat as the adults.  When we pick up the food in the Bahamas Iâ€ll look for some beach toys to stick in there too.




Thatâ€s everything, and as usual, my posting is super long.  Now, to pack it all up…..we leave in 6 days! 


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Steph, your bags are awesome! After seeing all of your DIY posts over the past few months, I knew your stuff would come together well, but WOW! Nice work. You are an inspiration! I hope we don't have many guests so I can afford to do the speakers.


Can I please come to your wedding and get one of these bags!? LOL pinkie.gif

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LOVE your bags!! I wish I could do bags like this but I am going to end up having too many people to spend $12.00 just per bag :( I'm thinking of actually doing nice personalized beach bags for my bridesmaids things!! I actually might end up using those. I love them!


Great job on everything, I love all of the sayings on your tags!!

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Your bags are amazing!! Your guests will love them!

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I love your bags, your guests will too. Thank you for sharing this, I saved this thread so I can come back to it when I start mine.

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We just got back from our wedding and these were a HUGE hit!  People were amazed and kept asking "does the resort do all this for you?"  They can't believe all I did.  It was so cool to see everyone using their bags and wearing their hats around property.  I'm glad I had a smallish guest count so I was able to do this. 

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