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I would like to get this Maggie Clarice dress made - what china supplier do you suggest?

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Hey, I actually chose a Demetrios not shown on their site and then got real bold by changing the skirt to be the Eresma skirt from a dress on their site and added volume and length to the skirt! A lot I know! LOL So I'll have to post pictures...


I haven't ordered yet, still deciding on the dress but JQs rave reviews has been whats sold me!



What dress did you choose?!?!




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are you looking for the real thing or a knock off?  If you are looking for the real deal it is by Sottero and Midgley and is called Clarice, you can go online to their website and you should be able to find a store near you that could order it for you.

Originally Posted by rainyday123 View Post

So beautiful...

Can you tell me where to buy?



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