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I went to a wedding on the beach in thailand and the bride walked down the aisle to Canon in D and it was absolutely beautiful.  I am also walking down the aisle to Canon in D also, I think it is just the most beautiful song. 

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lol yes, this is the hardest part. You might want to consider the fact that BECAUSE you are having a DW, which is untraditional, you CAN choose an untraditional song! You're getting married in Mexico, with a backdrop of the beach! How do you think something traditional (like Canon in D) will fit in with that? If you think, awesome! then go for it. If not, just pick a romantic, sentimental song that you like. I'm considering Sam Amidon's "Wedding Dress."



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I have our DJ booked for the ceremony.. but now I have to come up with all of these songs! lol I am trying to get a theme together for the songs.. but i cannot decide on a song to walk down the aisle to! I guess I would prefer it has no words.. but I am worried if I do something like canon in D it will be such a stark contrast to the theme of songs in the prelude, seating of parents, etc!


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Congratulations :) So exciting!


I am a little jealous ... I have had a  so much fun for the past 9 months planning my wedding that I am already sad that it will be over in a couple of months! I guess what I am trying to say is: HAVE FUN !!! smile159.gif

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Yay I just sent my deposit today for my wedding at Dreams on October 29, 2011!  I am so excited and this site is going to be a lifesaver!!


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Now I am really worried. Magdalena is much slower in responding to emails than Mariana. And she already gave me a different price for the bonfire party than what we had agreed upon with Mariana. 


I will give her a few more days and if things don't get better I think I will ask Tammy to talk to them. My wedding is just 1.5 months away.msncry.gif


Why did this happen ?? Why couldn't Mariana just stay for another couple of months?



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