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Wedding Review - Playa del Carmen

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Hi Everyone!!


Just got back from our wedding a few weeks ago and wanted to put together a quick review to give a shoutout to a few of the people we worked with that don't have separate vendor accounts on here.


We stayed at Porto Playa Condo Hotel -- couldn't recommend this place more!!! The condos are gorgeously decorated and they're HUGE! We had full gourmet kitchens and just went around the corner to the MegaMart to buy groceries and booze. We had a penthouse, so we also had access to a grill up  on the roof and we bbq'd there several nights - our guests loved it! They have a great pool as well and down the block is free access to the Indigo Beach Club at their sister hotel, Taj. The beach is fabulous and the food/drinks were delicious.


My wedding coordinator was Maria Tripaldi from PlayaWeddings. She was great to work with, very fast and efficient, very nice and really calm, she made everything go very smoothly!!  I'm a bit of control freak (aren't we all??), so we butted heads a little over emails during the planning stages, but we quickly got on the same page - I realized that I just wanted someone to facilitate things on the ground and day of, so once we actually got to Playa and I met her everything was smooth sailing. She helped me get through the rest of my to-do list quickly and took me around to her vendors to secure linens/chairs/cake/flowers. She also came by our hotel and I showed her how I wanted the tables decorated and she took care of all of that. She also helped us get the dresses steamed beforehand and did a quick rehearsal so that everyone knew where to go for the ceremony. The wedding day was a bit stressful, but I knew that she had everything covered and fully trusted her - she was cool as a cucumber and everything came out perfect!


Photographers - FineArt Studio - best decision we made aside from getting married in Playa - I wrote a separate review for them, go check it out, but LOVED them! here is a link to our TTD - http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/tulum-town-and-cenote-dos-ojos-trash-the-dress/


DJ - Doremixx -- Ivan was great! We met a few days before and he was very patient with me as I finalized a few of the songs. The lighting was gorgeous, the music was great, everyone was dancing the whole night and it was the perfect volume.


All in all, having never been to Playa del Carmen before, we were blown away by the town. We couldn't be happier  that we chose to get married there and our guests had the best time - they all want to come back next year!! The town is just awesome - so many restaurants, awesome clubs, gorgeous sand and beaches, it was a heavenly week!!



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