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Standard rooms may be sold out?

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We requested quotes from Sunwing at the beginning of the month and they gave us great quotes but with a very short deadline because of some fuel tax savings. My group had just under 3 weeks to book into it.


I had 25 people book, about 10 of which were standard rooms and the rest ocean view. We just heard back from Sunwing with this notice:



FYI: all the oceanview rooms have been confirmed but the standard hotel rooms are on request. Sunwing has booked their full allotment in the standard hotel category and there is a possibility that they will deny the request.

Please check with the pax that wanted the hotel rooms to see if they are willing to pay for the oceanview room instead.


Did they really sell out in just 2 weeks? It's still 8 months til our wedding and I find that kind of hard to believe... is this just a scheme to try to get people to upgrade now? Any other brides experience this?

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Wow, bad news.  I have worked in the hospitatlity industry for 10 years and my guess is that the hotel sells so many rooms to each tour operator and Sunwing has used up their allotement.  As time goes on other tour operators can release their alloted rooms back to the hotel to put into their inventory, but this may not happen until a month or two before your departure.  Are you using a TA?  If so I would speak with them ASAP to find out what other options you have available. 

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