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Need help deciding on a WC...

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Just be sure the info you receive from Amy is accurate and correct.


We traveled to Cabo, back in April, for our site visit and toured Cabo with Amy for two days. She is very nice and personable and after we left Cabo, we decided we'd go with her. When we returned, we narrowed our choices down to three locations and requested packets, pricing, available dates through Amy. I expected her to have all of this at her fingertips and, if not, she should be able to produce accurate info in a timely and organized manner. Unfortunately, most (not all) of the info was not accurate, she kept sending things over in piece mail and I'd have to back to her and ask her for the menu at a location or the site fees at another. I don't know I think this info should be sent over together in an organized manner--I shouldn't have to keep following up for info I requested. Also, a couple of the appointments we went on, while we were in Cabo, were not set up; the hotel WC's just happened to be there. I know this is the way it works in Cabo, at times, but I was told we had appointments at the places I requested. All are not major issues but when coupled with the high fee, we decided we were not comfortable putting our weddding in her hands. Again, she was very nice and personable and came highly recommended from another bride whose wedding was featured on the Knot's magazine so just proves that service varies on a case by case basis. Jessica (Jtds2713) is another bride who is working with Muriel @ FLC and is very happy with her.


Hope that helps and good luck! Feel free to PM me should you need additional info.

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I'm the Jessica that Lisa referred to. Yes I am using Fiestas Los Cabos and my WC is Muriel. HOnestly I can only give a fair review after our wedding which is on November 17, 2007.


This board can be so helpful with a ton of info. I booked ALL of my vendors on my own based on recommendations from this board. That is right -- I booked all of my vendors on my own and a lot of research based on this board. The reviews here are honest and mostly accurate. To me there is nothing like a referral from another bride. Also I think it is very important to decide on a location first. It looks like you are going to have a big wedding (more than 100?). Most WC companies base their fees on the number of your guests. If your wedding venue has a WC, then perhaps you can wait and see if you really need an outside WC?

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