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Hi Ladies!  I wanted to share pictures of my completed passport covers and instructions of how I made them in case anyone else would like to make these for their guests.  It seems like forever ago I started thinking about making these bad boys and I am finally done, yay!  My parents bought me a sewing machine for christmas (not exactly what I was expecting...lol)  So when I saw a template online to make these I figured I would give it a try.  They would be a pretty easy project for an experienced sewer, since I had no idea how to sew they were slightly more challenging.  But I figured it out after watching some youtube videos and a lot of trial and error.  They certainly aren't perfect, but I think that makes them unique and you definitely know they are handmade.  After many hours of work I am so happy with the end result and I can't wait to send them to our guests with the pre-trip letter in a few weeks.


So now for the instructions...  (sorry there aren't more pics, it's taking forever to load them!)



Sewing Machine and thread

2 coordinating pieces of fabric cut using the template below

6.25" x 12" template made from 2 pieces of cardstock (I had to tape the extra inch on)

scissors or rolling fabric cutter

self healing cutting board if you are using fabric cutter (I bought them both from Hobby Lobby)





Step One:  Create your template so that you can cut your fabric into even sizes. 



Step Two: Use the template and trace a 6.25" x 12" rectangle on the back side of your fabrics. 


Step Three: Cut out fabric rectangles using either a scissors or a rolling fabric cutter (I definitely recommend the cutte bc it is so much faster and it keeps your lines straight)



Step 4: Iron both pieces of fabrics (front sides together) so that they are easier to sew together and smooth.


Step 5: Load your thread into your sewing machine and sew all around the outside of the fabric except for a 2 inch portion.



Step 6:  Turn fabric inside out and poke corners out with a bone folder or something similar (I used a chopstick).


Step 7:  Iron fabric flat and poke in edges from the opening that you left.


Step 8:  Stitch around the whole outside of your rectangle (I used a longer stitch to make it more interesting looking)



Step 9:  Time to make the pockets.   Fold over a 1.5" side and pin on one side and a 2.5" pocket on the other, then iron flat.





Step 10:  Insert passport cover, pockets down into sewing machine and sew close to the outer edge to sew in the pockets.  Use your passport as a guide to make sure you make the pockets big enough.

Step 11: Fold cover in half and iron....voila!  You're done!!!


I'll post pics below of my finished products...


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I made 42 covers!  Here are the girls, inside and out...

girls inside and out.JPG




and the guys:

boys covers.JPG


mine and my fiances

meg&trev inside.JPG



All the covers! 




Hope you guys like them!  Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help if anyone is interested!

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LOVE these! I think I may have to attempt to make these.  I used to make something similar when I was younger for my binders.  I guess its kind of the same idea but smaller!

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so i see that you are a pro DIY'er....your guests are going to be blown away.  i love the different patterns for guys/girls.

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